· New Testament 
The Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ,
According to St. Matthew
Chapter-1   ... The genealogy of our Lord Jesus Christ; He is conceived and born of a virgin.
Chapter-2   ... Three Kings; Flight into Egypt; Massacre of the innocents; Return from Egypt.
Chapter-3   ... Preaching of John the Baptist; Jesus is baptized; Reproaches Jewish leaders.
Chapter-4   ... Forty days in the desert; calls Peter and Andrew, James and John; Miracles.
Chapter-5   ... Our Lord's sermon on the mount; The eight beatitudes; Jesus is teaching.
Chapter-6   ... Alms, prayer, and fasting is recommended; Forgiveness of injuries is urged.
Chapter-7   ... Confidence in prayer; Cautions about false teachers; Perseverance in virtues.
Chapter-8   ... Heals a leper, centurian's servant, Peter's in-law, and two men possessed.
Chapter-9   ... Cures the sick, raises dead, sight to blind, and heals a dumb man possessed.
Chapter-10 ... Jesus sends out His twelve Apostles with the power of miracles; Instructions.
Chapter-11 ... John the Baptist sends his disciples; Jesus upbraids cities lacking penance.
Chapter-12 ... Blindness of the Pharisees, who attribute our Lord's miracles to the devil.
Chapter-13 ... Parabels of the sower and the cockle, and the mustard seed, and a few others.
Chapter-14 ... Jesus feeds five thousand in the desert; Walks on the sea; Heals the diseased.
Chapter-15 ... Christ reproves Scribes; Cures many; Feeds four thousand with seven loaves.
Chapter-16 ... Reproves tempting Pharisees and Sadducees; Peter's confession is rewarded.
Chapter-17 ... Transfiguration of Christ; A lunatic child cured; Jesus foretells His passion.
Chapter-18 ... Teaches humility, beware scandal, and flee from sin; Instructs the disciples.
Chapter-19 ... Teaches on matrimony, the danger of riches, and rewards of following Him.
Chapter-20 ... Parable of the labourers in the vineyard; Jesus gives sight to two blind men.
Chapter-21 ... Enters Jerusalem; Clears the temple; curses the fig tree; Silences the Jews.
Chapter-22 ... Marriage feast parable; Tribute paid to Cæsar; The great commandments.
Chapter-23 ... Admonishes to follow good doctrine; Warns about hypocrisy and blindness.
Chapter-24 ... Foretells of signs before the temple's destruction and the last judgment.
Chapter-25 ... Parable of the ten virgins, and of talents; Description of last judgment.
Chapter-26 ... Treason of Judas; Last supper; Prayer in garden; Apprehending our Lord.
Chapter-27 ... The continuation of the Passion of our Lord Jesus; His death and burial.
Chapter-28 ... Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ and His commission to the disciples.