· New Testament 

The Second Epistle of St. Paul to Timothy

The main subject and design of this epistle is much the same as the former; in it the apostle again instructs and admonishes Timothy in what belonged to his office, and also warns him to shun the conversation of those who had erred from the truth, describing at the same time their character. He tells him of his approaching death, and desires him to come speedily to him. It appears from this circumstance, that he wrote this second epistle in the time of his last imprisonment at Rome, and not long before his martyrdom. See Euseb. S. Jerom, and others cited by Tillemont, and by P. Mauduit, (Diss. xi.) where this historical fact is discussed at large. Ch. Wi.

Chapter-1 · Recalls graces received, not to be discourged, and hold sound doctrine.
Chapter-2 · Exhorts diligence and patience, reminds of the dangers of heretics.
Chapter-3 · Speaks of heretics, exhorts to constancy, and a knowledge of Scripture.
Chapter-4 · Paul's charge to Timothy, and he tells him of his approching death.