· New Testament 

   The Acts of the Apostles
Chapter-1   ... Ascention of Christ. Matthias is chosen in place of Judas.
Chapter-2   ... The disciples receive the Holy Ghost. Peter's sermon.
Chapter-3   ... Miracle upon the lame man, followed by many conversions.
Chapter-4   ... Peter and John are apprehended. The Church is increased.
Chapter-5   ... Judgment upon Ananias and Saphira. Apostles imprisoned.
Chapter-6   ... Ordaining of the seven Deacons. The zeal of Stephen.
Chapter-7   ... Stephen's speech before the council, and his martyrdom.
Chapter-8   ... Philip converts the Samaritans, and baptizes the eunuch.
Chapter-9   ... Paul's conversion. Peter heals Æneas, and raises Tabitha.
Chapter-10 ... Cornelius is received into the Church. Peter's vision.
Chapter-11 ... Peter defends receiving Gentiles. Conversions at Antioch.
Chapter-12 ... Herod's persecution. Peter's deliverance by an Angel.
Chapter-13 ... Saul & Barnabas preach in Cyprus & Antioch in Pisidia.
Chapter-14 ... Paul & Barnabas preach in Iconium, Lystra, Derbe, & Perge.
Chapter-15 ... Dissension about circumcision. The Council of Jerusalem.
Chapter-16 ... Paul preaches in Macedonia, and is scourged at Philippi.
Chapter-17 ... Paul preaches to the Thessalonians, Beræans, & Athenians.
Chapter-18 ... Paul founds the church of Corinth and preaches at Ephesus.
Chapter-19 ... Paul establishes the church at Ephesus. Silversmith's tumult.
Chapter-20 ... Paul in Macedonia & Greece. Discourse to Ephesus clergy.
Chapter-21 ... Paul goes to Jerusalem, and is apprehended in the temple.
Chapter-22 ... Paul declares to the people the history of his conversion.
Chapter-23 ... Paul stands before the council. He is sent away to Cæsarea.
Chapter-24 ... Paul defends himself before Felix. Preaches the faith to him.
Chapter-25 ... Paul appeals to Cæsar. King Agrippa desires to hear him.
Chapter-26 ... Paul gives an account of his life, conversion, and calling.
Chapter-27 ... Paul is shipped for Rome. His voyage and shipwreck.
Chapter-28 ... Paul's stay in Malta, continued voyage, and arrival in Rome.