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The Kingship of Christ
The Conversion of the Jewish Nation


D.D., D.Ph., B.A.,
Professor of Philosophy,
Holy Ghost Missionary College,
Kimmage, Dublin

Imprimi Potest: P. O'CARROLL, C.S.Sp., Praep. Prov. Hib.
Nihil Obstat: JACOBUS BROWNE, Censor Deputatus.
Imprimatur: †JACOBUS, Episcopus Fernensis. die 26 januarii 1953
First printed : January 1953

CHAPTER I:    The Programme of Christ and the Plans of Satan:
     (i)   Church and State;
     (ii)  The Indirect Power of the Church;
     (iii)  Marriage;
     (iv)  Education;
     (v)   Private Property;
     (vi)  Monetary System;
     (vii) Submission to the Blessed Trinity with Christ in Holy Mass.
CHAPTER II: The Kingship of Christ, in its Integrity: the Divine Plan for Ordered Social Life
CHAPTER III: An Outline of the Theology of History: Acceptance of Christ the King and Subsequent Rejection—Some National Reactions. Spain. Portugal, Ireland, Germany
CHAPTER IV: The Struggle of the Jewish Nation against the True Messias: Jewish Naturalism—The Opposition of Jewish Naturalism to our Supernatural Well-being
CHAPTER V: The Dual Citizenship of the Jews in Modern Times: Modern Progress as the Growth of Naturalism—Freemasonry has contributed to the Advance of Naturalism—The Significance of the Balfour Declaration—The Primary Allegiance of the Jews—The Jewish State—Jewish Naturalism and the Duty of Catholics
CHAPTER VI: The Catholic Church and Anti-Semitism: Meaning of Anti-Semitism—Attitude of the Church in this Matter—Explanation of Persistence of Opposition to the Jews
CHAPTER VII: The Conversion of the Jewish Nation: The Talmudic Formation and the Conversion of the Jews—The Jewish Law—The Schulchan Aruch—The Talmud and Jewish Messianism—Certitude of the Conversion of the Jews—An Outstanding Jewish Convert—Supplementary Explanation of National Apostasy
CHAPTER VIII: Contemporary Jewish Aims: The Divine Plan for Order in the World—Twofold Opposition to Order on the Part of the Jewish Nation—Anti-Semitism in the Jewish Sense—Effects on the Jewish People of their Opposition to the True Supernatural Messias—Materialism of Zionist Plans—Outline of the Conquest—Non-Jews Turned Back—The Final Stage—The Arab Refugees—Israel, the United States, Russia and the World—UNESCO—The Jews, Lenin and the Russians—Marxism and Jewish Nationalism—Return to Membership of Christ
CHAPTER IX: The Coming of Antichrist: The Sovereign Pontiffs and Apostasy—Antichrist in Scripture and Tradition—The Date of the Coming of Antichrist—Decree of the Fifth Lateran Council
APPENDIX: Programme of Christ the King and Programme of the Jewish Nation since Calvary