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   The Kingship of Christ and The Conversion of the Jewish Nation
    by Rev. Denis Fahey, C.C.Sp.

  Chapter VIII  
Contemporary Jewish Aims


For the sake of clearness, we must here recapitulate a little. The rejection of order by Satan and the other fallen angels was irrevocable. It was a declaration, by the whole body of them together, of perpetual war on, and implacable hatred towards the Blessed Trinity and the supernatural life of grace.[1] The Fall of the human race could be undone, because human beings can change their minds, and the human race comes into existence successively by propagation from the first Adam.[2] The Fall was in fact undone, and the supernatural life of grace was restored to the world by the Second Adam, our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Virgin Mary, our Immaculate Mother. In the undoing of the Fall, however, God permitted a second rejection of order. The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity became man and proposed to the Jewish nation the Second divine plan for the ordered communication of the divine life of grace to the world, through the supernatural, supranational Kingdom of His Mystical Body.[3]

Our Lord Jesus Christ came to propose the divine plan for order to His own nation according to the flesh, at the close of a long period of preparation, knowing the terrible fate that awaited Him at the hands of those He loved. In spite of the fact that they had been repeatedly warned in types and figures, and orally by the prophets, about the way they would treat the true Messias when He should appear, they turned against Him and the whole divine plan He proposed. When they refused to enter into His designs, God permitted the crime of deicide, and by our divine Lord’s supreme act of humble submission on Calvary, the supernatural life of grace was restored to the world. Fulfilling the prophecies to the letter, our divine Lord allowed Himself to be put to death, but He died proclaiming the divine plan for order. Thus, the Mystical Body has now a crucified Head, crucified for love of us. God wished the Jews as a people to accept His only-begotten Son and to be the heralds of the supernatural, supranational life of His Mystical Body. They were thus offered the glorious privilege of proclaiming and working for the only mode of realising the union and brotherhood of nations which is possible since the Fall. On account of their racial pride, they refused to accept that there could be any life higher than their national life, and they would not hear of the non-Jewish nations entering into the kingdom of the Mystical Body on the same level as themselves.

The Crucifixion of our Lord on Calvary was, however, not only the public rejection by the Jewish nation of the Divine Programme for order in the world, but also the proclamation by that nation of its determination to work against God for the enthronement of another Messias. Since our Lord Jesus Christ, the true Messias, is the source of the supernatural life and wishes all to be members of His Mystical Body, the future Messias must be anti-supernatural or naturalistic, and the structure of society based on membership of Christ will have to be eliminated in preparation for him. Since the true supernatural Messias came to found the supranational kingdom of His Mystical Body, into which He asked the Jewish nation to lead all the other nations, the future Messias must be a purely Jewish national messias, and his mission can have no other object than to impose the rule of the Jewish nation on the other nations.

The choice presented to the Jewish nation by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ may be represented diagrammatically as follows:





The Jewish nation, instructed by the Prophets and figures of the Old Testament, and lastly by St. John the Baptist, was meant to turn upwards, at the bidding of God become man, and to put all its splendid natural qualities at the service of the true supernatural order of the world. Instead of doing so, it turned downwards to the slavery of a self-centred ambition dictated by national pride. The attitude of Saul prior to his conversion on the road to Damascus is typical of the corrupt ideas concerning the mission of the Messias, which had taken hold of Jewish minds, and had led them to reject our Lord Jesus Christ. St. Paul saw the truth about the Mystical Body of Christ after his conversion, and tried to get his fellow countrymen to recognise their error, but the nation as such refused to listen. In his Christmas Allocution, 1948, Pope Pius XII brought out the contrast between the alternatives that faced the Jewish nation, at the coming of our Lord as follows: “Hear resounding in the night like the bells of Christmas, the admirable words of the Apostle of the Gentiles, who had been himself a slave to the mean, narrow prejudices of nationalist and racial pride, stricken down along with him on the road to Damascus: ‘He (Christ Jesus), is our peace who hath made both (peoples) one . . . killing the enmities in Himself. And coming He preached peace to you that were afar off, and peace to them that were nigh’ (Ephesians, II, 14, 15, 16, 17).”[4]

With that narrow national outlook dictated by racial pride, which Pope Pius XII said was stricken down with St. Paul on the road to Damascus, the Jewish nation has continued on down the centuries. That outlook has, in fact, become more accentuated with time. Accordingly, over and above the fundamental disorder of Original sin, there is, in our fallen and redeemed world, an additional source of disorder, in the determined opposition of His own nation according to the flesh to the Redeemer and Source of order. It is true that by our divine Lord’s obedient acceptance of His rejection by His own nation, the divine life of grace was restored to the world, and He became Head of the supernatural, supranational kingdom of His Mystical Body, which is destined to organise the world for the diffusion of supernatural life. In that work of organisation, however, over and above the struggle against the self centred tendencies of individual souls, the Catholic Church, the Mystical Body of Christ; has to face the persistent opposition of the Jewish nation, in alliance with and in control of the strongly organised, anti-supernatural Masonic sect. According to the leaders of the Jewish nation, now as nineteen hundred years ago, the union of nations is not intended by God to take place through entrance into and acceptance of the supranational kingdom of our Lord’s Mystical Body, but through acceptance of and submission to the naturalistic messianism of the Jewish nation. This is made very clear in the letter from the Chief Rabbi of Palestine quoted in Chapter VII. The realisation of the union of the nations looked forward to by the Chief Rabbi would mean a completely naturalistic organisation of the world, in other words, the elimination of the rule of Christ the King.


Jewish naturalism or anti-supernaturalism, by its striving for a new messianic age, contains a twofold source of corruption and decay for other nations. On the one hand, by its opposition to the supernatural life coming from our Lord, it strives directly against the Light and Strength, by which alone human life, individual and national, can be lived in order. On the other hand, whether the naturalistic messias to come be an individual Jew or the Jewish race, it means that the Jews as a nation are seeking to impose their particular national form on the other nations. The imposition by any nation of its national form on another nation attacks directly the natural or normal line of development of that nation and undermines its natural virtues, which are the foundation and the bulwark of the supernatural virtues. Thus in two ways the Jews, as a nation, are objectively aiming at giving society a direction which is in complete opposition to the order proclaimed by God become man. This does not mean that every individual member of the Jewish nation is consciously working for the elimination from society of membership of Christ and of the organisation based thereon. It does mean, however, that all Jews, in proportion as they are one with the leaders and rulers of their race, will oppose the influence of the supernatural life of the Mystical Body in society and will be an active ferment of naturalism by their striving for the messianic domination of their race.


In Chapter VI, we have seen the correct meaning of anti-semitism, that is, its meaning for the Catholic Church. Let us now see its meaning for the members of the Jewish nation.

Given the naturalistic messianic ambition of the Jewish nation to impose its rule on the other nations, anti-semitism for the Jews logically means whatever is in opposition to that ambition. The situation since the Second World War is being cleverly exploited to prevent anyone from opposing Jewish aims, through fear of being dubbed an “anti-Semite.” In my book, The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganisation of Society, I pointed out that the disordered National Socialist action against the corroding influence of Jewish naturalism on German national life led not only to measures of repression against the Jews, with regrettable violations of their personal rights, but also to persecution of the Catholic Church. Comparatively little information concerning the anti-Catholic measures ever reached the great newspaper-reading, cinema-going public, while hardly anyone could fail to be aware of what was done to the Jews.[5] The term “anti-semitism,” with all its war connotation of Nazi cruelty, is now having its comprehension widened to include every form of opposition to the Jewish nation’s naturalistic programme. Forgetfulness of the disorder of Jewish naturalism is keeping Catholics blind to the consequences of accepting the term with its Jewish comprehension. According to the leaders of the Jewish nation, to stand for the rights of Christ the King is to be an anti-Semite.

Of all the countries in the world the United States is the country in which can best be observed this process of enlarging the comprehension of “anti-semitism” to include any and every form of opposition to what the Jewish leaders are aiming at. The United States, since its inception, has acted as if the Jewish naturalistic ambition of world-wide domination in opposition to the order of the world under Christ the King did not exist. Americans are now learning that a new anti-Christian organisation of the world is being brought about and that members of the Jewish nation are everywhere active in that work. On the one hand, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, the American Jewish Congress, the American Jewish Committee, the Jewish War Veterans, and the well-known Communist Front, the American Civil Liberties Union, etc., are striving to prevent instruction of the New York public school children under the released time programme.[6] On the other hand, there are powerful members of the Jewish nation like M.M. Warburg and J. P. Warburg of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., etc., etc., behind the movement for a naturalistic (or anti-supernatural) One World Government.[7] The chief agency in the work of crushing, by the smear of smears, “anti-Semitic,” whatever is opposed to Jewish plans, is the Anti-Defamation League of the B’nai B’rith. For an accurate account of the activities of that body, the two pamphlets, The Anti-Defamation League and its use in the World Communist Offensive and Know Your Enemy, by an honourable and courageous American, Robert H. Williams, are strongly recommended.

In Know Your Enemy, Robert H. Williams classifies the work of the Anti-Defamation League under four headings. Firstly, it “builds up liberal candidates, those tolerant of Communists and Zionists, to great reputations, in preparation for political office. Among its proteges are Dewey, Warren, Harold Stassen . . . Truman, the Roosevelt sons, Chester Bowles and a motley horde of lesser New Dealers. General Eisenhower was put into his job as figurehead of Columbia University by a group of internationalists . . . the League’s Walter Winchell for months boosted the Eisenhower candidacy. Eisenhower . . . is a tool in the hands of the Zionists.” Secondly, while building up its selected candidates, “it pours a stream of money and smear propaganda into an election against a chosen enemy.” Senator Burton K. Wheeler was thus defeated in Montana in 1941. Thirdly, it maintains “a nation-wide investigative agency. By its own statement, it has 200 keymen in 1200 cities. From many sources we know that this staff of G.P.U. agents spies on the private living and businesses of scores of thousands of Americans.” Fourthly, it carries on censorship, including character-defamation to suppress criticism. “By the use of information gathered by its spies, or by distorting that information . . . or by the mere threat of a malicious campaign . . . the A.D.L. is able to keep the newspapers, magazines and book publishers and Congress from effectively opposing it . . . That is why you may never have seen the name of the Anti-Defamation League in print . . . This. mighty machine promotes Communism and Zionism, protects the Frankfurter Communist-Zionist net inside the Government, subverts our children, dominates much of moviedom.”

Major Williams then points out that the A.D.L’s book of smear against American anti-Communist leaders, entitled A Measure of Freedom, was prepared by a man named Arnold Forster: “Joseph P. Kamp, one of the best informed investigators in Washington, told Congress: ‘If you can get President Truman to let you look at the F.B.1. files, you will discover that Forster’s right name is Fastenberg, and that he was a member of the Communist spy ring.’[8] Forster takes orders from the League’s national chairman, Meier Steinbrink, a Justice of the New York Supreme Court. Justice Steinbrink is on intimate terms with Justice Frankfurter of the U.S. Supreme Court. We have been digging down to find Communists: those below are only the party members, the gangsters. We must look up to find the really big ones, those who would not stoop to join the party, but who create its policies, Frankfurter, Steinbrink, Lehman, Morgenthau and their consorts—these are the real Communists in America. They are the Zionist power behind Communism. The Zionists aim to dominate the West; the Communists the East, both producing the same revolution, both promoting the same world government, police backed—a world dictatorship.”

Even to mention Jewish naturalistic messianism, that is, Zionism, except favourably, is anti-Semitism in the Jewish sense. In Somewhere South of Suez, Douglas Reed points out that, in the vital matter of Zionist nationalism, the freedom of the Press has become a fallacy during the two decades preceding the publication of his book in 1951. “Newspaper-writers,” he continues, “have become less and less free to express any criticism of, or report any fact unfavourable to this new ambition of the Twentieth Century. When I eventually went to America I found that this ban, for such it is in practice, prevailed even more rigidly there than in my own country . . . In the matter of Zionist nationalism, which I hold to be allied in its roots to Soviet Communism, the ban is much more severe. In my own adult lifetime as a journalist, now covering thirty years, I have seen this secret ban grow from nothing into something approaching a law of lèse-majesté at some absolute court. In daily usage, no American or British newspaper, apparently, now dares to print a line of news or comment unfavourable to the Zionist ambition; and under this thrall matters are reported favourably or non-committally, if they are reported at all, which if they occurred elsewhere would be denounced with the most piteous cries of outraged morality. The inference to me is plain: the Zionist nationalists are powerful enough to govern governments in the great countries of the remaining West . . .

“Zionist nationalism! To-day American Presidents and British Prime Ministers, and all their colleagues, watch it as anxiously as Muslim priests watch for the crescent moon on the eve of Ramadan, and bow to it as humbly as the faithful prostrating themselves in the Mosque at Mecca . . . If a third war followed the course of the second one, when military victories were used to bring about political defeats, it would be directed to bring about a further spread of the Communist empire and of the Zionist state . . . or else, the first would be overthrown merely to aggrandise the second."[9]

Before preceding to examine a little more in detail the materialism of Zionist plans, it will be well to point out the sad effects on the Jewish people of their continued opposition to the divine plan for order.


We have seen the disordered choice that the Jewish nation, under the guidance of its leaders, made in regard to our divine Lord Jesus Christ. Their opposition has not only had sad consequences in retarding the world’s acceptance of Him, but is having mournful effects on themselves. The persistent rejection of the one Mediator, Christ Jesus, in spite of abundant light and grace, is having the inevitable consequences so strikingly indicated by Popes Leo XIII and Pius XI. “The case of governments,” wrote Pope Leo XIII, “is much the same as that of individuals: they also must run into fatal issues, if they depart from the way . . . Let Jesus be excluded, and human reason is left without its greatest protection and illumination: the very notion is easily lost of the end for which God created human society . . . Their minds busy with a hundred confused projects, rulers and subjects alike travel a devious road, bereft as they are of safe guidance and fixed principles. Just as it is pitiable and calamitous to wander out of the way, so it is to desert the truth. But the first absolute and essential truth is Christ, the Word of God, who with the Father is one."[10]

Pope Pius XI enters into greater detail than Leo XIII. “No belief in God,” he writes, “will in the long run be preserved pure and genuine, if it is not supported by belief in Christ . . . Belief in Christ will not be preserved pure and genuine, if not supported and protected by belief in the Church, the pillar and ground of truth (Timothy, II, 15). Christ Himself, God praised forever, has erected this pillar of faith. His command to hear the Church (St. Matthew, XVIII, 17), to hear His words and commandments (St. Luke, X, 16) in the words and commandments of the Church, is meant for the men of all times and of all places . . . The moral conduct of mankind is grounded on faith in God kept pure and true. Every attempt to dislodge moral teaching and moral conduct from the rock of faith, and to erect them on the shifting sands of human regulations, sooner or later leads the individual and the community to moral destruction."[11]

These principles of Pope Leo XIII and Pope Pius XI apply with greater force to the Jewish nation and its leaders than to others, for they have rejected greater graces and turned against God with direr ingratitude. They are our Lord’s own people according to the flesh. It is no wonder, then, that we find terrible divagations from order in the books or codes which their leaders have compiled to guide and direct their relations with God and with their fellow-men.[12] We need not be surprised that, as their power in the world increases, the Jews are, on the one hand, ceasing to believe in the God of Israel and are falling a prey to Pantheism, especially in its materialistic Marxian form, and that, on the other hand, they are utilising methods opposed to natural and supernatural law, in order to achieve their ends. Their propagation of atheistic Communism, their treatment of the Arabs in Palestine and the methods of the Anti-Defamation League in the U.S.A are striking examples of that moral decay which, according to Popes Leo XIII and Pius XI, is the inevitable consequence of opposition to the divine plan for order.


In this Chapter, two particularly important points have been emphasised. The first is that the rejection of our divine Lord’s supernatural and supranational kingdom by the Jewish nation has had for inevitable consequence the naturalistic ambition to impose the rule of their nation on the world. Instead of the lofty ideal of aiding all nations to live in harmony as members of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Catholic Church, the Jews have made the disordered choice to strive to weaken all the other nations and thus bring them into subjection to themselves. That is the aim of their anti-supernatural messianism. The second is that persistent opposition to the true supernatural Messias on the part of the Jewish nation is leading to materialism and moral decay. Let us now see something of the realisation of these points in the Jewish State in Palestine.

In Chapter V, we saw that the Jews had no claim to Palestine either by divine right or according to natural law. Nevertheless, in consequence of persistent propaganda, many believe that the reason of the Zionist claims is that Palestine is “the Jewish homeland” and that rich Jews throughout the world wish to see realised the fervent religious desire of their co-religionists to return to the Holy Land. This may seem plausible but “it is not consistent with the conspicuously irreligious character of the Jewish settlements already in existence. There are no synagogues in the settlement except for a very few which are entered only by the aged. At Tel Aviv, with a Jewish population approaching a quarter of a million, there was only one synagogue at the time of the outbreak of the war in 1939."[13]

Of course, the pretext of a fervent religious desire on the part of the Jews to return to the Holy Land seems plausible only to those who do not grasp what we saw in Chapter V. The Jewish claim to Palestine is implicitly a denial that they have disobeyed God and missed their vocation by the rejection of the supernatural Messias. It is the assertion in action that the promised Messias has not yet come and that the day of their national domination over the world will yet dawn.

What are the real, as distinct from the alleged, motives behind the Jewish conquest of Palestine and the erection of the Jewish State? Years ago A. Homer, M.A., D.Sc., drew up a memorandum on the development of Palestinian industries, in which, amongst other interesting things, she said: “Long ago I came to the conclusion that Financial Jewry (both Zionist and non-Zionist) was furthering the aspiration of fanatical Zionism for its own ends, namely, in order to gain possession of the colossal oil and mineral resources of Palestine and ‘Greater Palestine’ . . . and that they would be kept fallow until such time as they could be developed for the aggrandisement of financial Jewry, preferably under the aegis of a Jewish State."[14] An article entitled “Zionists Misleading World with Untruths for Palestine Conquest,” which appeared in The New York Herald Tribune of January 14, 1947, gives more detailed information as follows: “Since 1916, Zionists have proceded on the theory that their plan for creating an independent Jewish state in Palestine was the only certain method by which Zionists could acquire complete control and outright ownership of the proven five trillion dollar ($5,000,000,000,000), chemical and mineral wealth of the Dead Sea. A Jewish state possessing this fabulous wealth would, by virtue of its financial power, soon become a nation with greater international importance than any nation in the history of the world . . . Twenty years before the arrival on the scene of Adolph Hitler . . . Zionists were using less impressive alibis to justify their ‘high-jacking’ of the five trillion dollar chemical and mineral wealth of the Dead Sea, which has always rightfully belonged to the native Palestinians . . . Ironically, Zionists are using the profits from this operation to finance the conquest of the country from the natives.”[15]

Some more details are given concerning Palestine’s mineral resources in a publication entitled Production of Minerals from the Waters of the Dead Sea, issued on behalf of the Government of Palestine by the Crown Agents for the Colonies in 1925. On page two of this document we read: “From the foregoing figures the quantities of salts in the Dead Sea are therefore approximately:

Potassium Chloride  ...  2,000
Magnesium Bromide  ...  980
Sodium Chloride  ...  11,000
Magnesium Chloride  ...  22,000
Calcium Chloride  ...  6,000
(figures in million metric tons)

For practical purposes the supply of potash may be considered inexhaustible.[16]

Capt. Rogers then continues: “There is no doubt that there are other minerals in the Dead Sea not mentioned in this official publication. For example, some years ago a prominent French scientist estimated that there was gold to an extent worth over £5,000,000,000. However this may be, the value of the chemicals actually mentioned in the official estimate is nothing less than astronomical . . . the total being about £240,000,000,000 . . . Since 1925, when the publication was issued, the market prices have increased greatly, in some cases to more than double the prices of that time . . . It is certain, therefore, that any persons concerned in controlling or promoting a chemical ring must have a great interest in the Dead Sea chemicals . . . Any grant of a concession for the exploitation of chemical resources of such magnitude and importance must be a matter of particular public concern. Chemicals are now used to a greater or less extent in almost all forms of manufacture and in enormous quantities in the making of munitions and other war-time requirements. It should, therefore, be a cardinal point of public policy to avoid any action which might cause chemicals to fall under the control of inter-connected groups of financiers. Any closed ring, or cartel, of chemical producers and wholesale merchants is bound to acquire undue influence over the costs of manufacture and the availability of supplies, and thus over economic and political affairs in general . . . It is no exaggeration to say that an influence of this nature has already reached menacing proportions in the United Kingdom. Apart from the evidence of such influence over general manufacture and the production of munitions, its tentacles have been noticeable for some years in agricultural policy, which has promoted and actually enforced the use of synthetic plant-stimulants, called fertilisers, to the serious detriment of the public health and the productivity of the soil . . . In the same way, successive Administrations have promoted the use of synthetic drugs by those who are ill—possibly in consequence of the agricultural policy. "[17]

Further on in his book, which is strongly recommended to all readers, Capt. Rogers relates how Great Britain, the Mandatory power in Palestine, granted “the concession for the Dead Sea’s chemicals to a group, or syndicate, which the Zionists call their own.” The Mandatory Power also expropriated a Greek subject, named Mavromatis, and made an agreement with a Zionist named Pinhas Rutenberg concerning hydro-electrification. The latter agreement was condemned in strong language by the International Court of Justice at the Hague, the British member, Viscount Finlay, concurring. The Court ruled that “the agreement . . . was not in conformity with the international obligations accepted by the Mandatory for Palestine.” That was in 1925. The British Government has had reason to regret its action since, but Capt. Rogers points out that no public explanation has ever been given of either proceeding.[18]


Only an outline of the conquest of Palestine can be given in the space at my disposal. For full information readers are recommended to consult the works to which I refer. Plans for the conquest and for further developments were drawn up long in advance. Weigh well the statements made in the following quotations: “Let me tell you,” said Max Nordau at the sixth Zionist Congress in 1903, “as if I were showing you the rungs of a ladder leading upward and upward:—Herzl, the Zionist Congress, the English Uganda proposition, the future world war, the peace conference where, with the help of England, a free and Jewish Palestine will be created."[19] “The Balfour Declaration,” wrote Louis Marshall, a leading American Zionist, “with its acceptance by the Powers, is an act of the highest diplomacy. It means both more and less than appears on the surface. Zionism is but an incident of a far-reaching plan: it is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon. All the pretexts they (the opponents of the National Home project) may make would be futile. It would subject them individually to hateful and concrete examples of a most impressive nature."[20]

Sir Alfred Mond, first Lord Melchett, was the founder of Imperial Chemicals, the chemical cartel. “He was also instrumental in founding the Extended Jewish Agency, of which Mr. Felix Warburg, of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., became the non-Zionist head. The present Lord Melchett, managing director of I.C.I., is, or was till recently, Chairman of the British Section of the Jewish Agency . . .We recall that the selection of working-class ‘colonists,’ from whose ranks the terrorists in Palestine come, was left entirely in the hands of the Jewish Agency."[21] In 1928, the first Lord Melchett said: “This movement (the Jewish National Home) is to me the most important, not merely for us, but for the whole world . . . Let me take you back to 1913. If I had stood here in 1913 and said to you ‘Come to a conference to discuss the reconstruction of a National Home in Palestine,’ you would have looked upon me as an idle dreamer: even if I had told you in 1913 that the Austrian Archduke would be killed and that out of all that followed would come the chance, the opportunity, the occasion for establishing a National Home for the Jews in Palestine. Has it ever occurred to you how remarkable it is that out of the welter of world blood there has arisen this opportunity? Do you really believe that this is an accident? Do you really in your hearts believe that we have been led back to Israel by nothing but a fluke?"[22]

“Of the labyrinth of Jewish organisations,” writes Ladislas Fargo from the Jewish side, “the Jewish Agency was the one whose aims and significance I understood most clearly . . ; . . The Jewish Agency was already provided for in the Mandate Treaty: it was to stand at the side of the Government and advise upon all questions touching upon the Jewish National Home. Therefore it soon became the Alpha and the Omega of the Jews in Palestine . . . For Jewish immigration the Jewish Agency has a still more special significance: it suggests the number of immigration certificates each year (usually too many in the opinion of the government), and receives them (usually less than the number demanded) for distribution. The Jewish Agency has developed into a kind of Jewish Government.”[23] The Jewish Agency seems to have been able to get in Jewish immigrants in spite of the government, for “in January, 1946, Mr. Lehman recalled General Sir Frederick Morgan, the chief British UNRRA official in Germany, and reprimanded him for having openly stated his belief that European Jews had a positive plan for a second exodus, and that there was an unknown Jewish organisation behind it."[24] General Morgan was vindicated in the official report of the British Government on Expenditure in Austria.[25] In that document we read: “Very large numbers of Jews, almost amounting to a second Exodus, have been migrating from Eastern Europe to the American zones in Germany and Austria, with the intention in the majority of cases, of finally making their way to Palestine. It is clear that it is a highly organised movement, with ample funds and great influence behind it, but the Sub-Committee were unable to obtain any evidence who are the real instigators.”

“The publication of the British Government’s White Paper on Palestinian terrorism,” writes B. Jensen, “conclusively proved that there was a central direction of all Jewish military organisations in Palestine, and that several campaigns of terrorism had been launched at the word of command of the London section of the Jewish Agency. Mr. Attlee confirmed the revelations (for the utterance of which General Morgan had been dismissed) concerning the Zionist direction of the Jewish trek from Eastern Europe to Palestine.”[26] As a matter of fact, in the News Review, London, August 22, 1946, the Rt. Hon. C. Attlee was reported as saying: “Identity and ration cards and travel documents are forged on a large scale. Food, clothing, medical supplies and transport provided by UNRRA for the relief of suffering in Europe are diverted for the maintenance of the underground railway to Palestine. There is evidence that the terrorist elements among the Jews have been reinforced from the ranks of illegal immigrants."[27]

In an article in The Daily Telegraph, 5th Feb., 1947, on The Underground Route to Palestine via Italy, that paper’s special correspondent, Leonard Bertin, wrote: “UNRRA in Italy exists to assist emigration Jews to the best of its ability, and that help is unconditional . . . There are also camps administered by the American joint distribution Committee co-ordinating the work of all American Jewish relief organisations, and collaborating with . . . UNRRA. This second group of camps, known as Hachsharot . . . are training camps, and are entirely under Jewish supervision, but benefit from UNRRA supplies . . . Hachsharot are carefully classified according to their objects and the persons in them. There are the Machlehot, or political centres. Of these some are reserved for the Somer, or Jewish Communist Party. Many of the men and women in these have come from the Russian Zone, and some of them say that they have served in the Russian Army after Poland was overrun at the beginning of the war. Many of them declare that they were very content under the Russian rule, but preferred to go to Palestine . . .Opposite numbers to the Somer party are the Betar, totalitarian in outlook, very belligerent and nationalistic. They, in particular, engage in extensive militaristic training . . .In Hachsharot there is violent anti-British propaganda. Obviously, whatever else these camps may be used for, they form an admirable base and sanctuary for the rank and file of any terrorist movement. The organisers, however, find it convenient to live in more luxurious surroundings . . . There are to be found men who operate under six different names, fully supported by different sets of documents, with four more names in reserve.”[28]

In view of all these facts concerning UNRRA, it is amusing to read in Hansard, May, 1947, the replies given by Dr. Dalton, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, to Sir W. Smithers who asked what was the total cost of UNRRA to the British tax-payers. Dr. Dalton said: “£155 million.” Sir W. Smithers then continued: “Will the Chancellor of the Exchequer set up an inquiry to find out if the money given by the British tax-payers was used for the purpose for which it was intended? Was it used for Communist propaganda and how much of it was used for victualling illegal ships to Palestine?” Dr. Dalton: “I cannot imagine where the Hon. Gentleman has got these fantastic ideas. So fantastic are they that I do not propose to inquire into them.”[29]


“Readers of the Intelligence Summary and the booklet Know Your Enemy,” writes Robert H. Williams, “doubtless will recall that, just after the war, General Mark Clark was moved from Italy to command the U.S. Occupation Zone in Austria, and immediately there came a great flood of Jews from Marxist indoctrinated Eastern Europe, pouring through the Clark Command into our Displaced Persons camps, throwing themselves on the American government and taxpayer. The Jews were running from no danger; the Nazis were crushed; they were protected by the (Jewish-dominated) Red Army east of the iron curtain and by the (Jewish-commanded) U.S. Army in Austria . . . You doubtless will recall that the Zionists had British General Morgan removed from his position, when he had the courage to state publicly that the migration was part of a secret Jewish plot. The Zionist financiers and chemist Weizmann were using their own people to build the State of Israel and thus hold for them not only an important political and military beachhead, but also the mineral deposits of the Dead Sea (valued in some encyclopedias at three trillion dollars). The Jewish nationalists who principally dominated the Soviet Union did not object, for otherwise they would not have let their people leave the Red State. You have never known the Soviets to let a Gentile leave the USSR, except on some special mission. The Reds do not allow their enemies to escape from the Soviet Union; they kill or enslave them . . . And so General Clark rendered a great service to the Marxist world power cult in letting—and aiding—the Jews to come into the U.S. camps. At the same time, General Clark turned back to certain death or slave labour camps, the untold thousands of Gentiles—, Christian men, women and children-running for their lives from the Red secret police.”[30]


The final stage of the conquest may be summed up in a few lines from The Iron Curtain over America, by John Beaty. “In I948,” writes Mr. Beaty, “strong with Soviet armour and basking in the sunshine of Soviet sympathy, ‘Israeli’ troops, mostly born in Soviet-held lands, killed many Arabs and drove out some 880,000 others, Christian and Moslem. These wretched refugees apparently will long be a chief problem of the Arab League nations of the Middle East . . . After the ‘Israeli’ seizure of the Arab lands in Palestine, there followed a long series of outrages including the bombings of the British Officers’ Club in Jerusalem, the Acre Prison, the Arab Higher Command Headquarters in Jaffa, the Semiramis Hotel, ete . . . The climax of the brutality in ‘Israel’ was the murder of Count Bernadotte of Sweden, the United Nations Mediator in Palestine (Sept. 17, 1948)."[31] The method of dealing with the Arabs had been arranged months before it took place. As long ago as February, 1948, an official of the Jewish Agency informed a British friend of his that the Jews could easily deal with the Arabs. They would begin with two or three massacres, he explained, and Arab resistance would collapse. ‘Moreover,’ he added, ‘when we massacre, we shall not only kill the men. We shall massacre the women and children, and even the cows, sheep and dogs.’”[32]

Through Count Bernadotte was a distinguished Freemason and belonged to the Swedish Royal Family, he was assassinated without the least compunction, after he had assigned the Negev to the Arabs. “The Zionists were determined to keep the Negev,” writes Douglas Reed, “for to give that up ‘would deprive Israel of the waters and minerals of the Dead Sea’ (The American Zionist Emergency Council, in a full-page advertisement a few days after Count Bernadotte’s murder.)”[33]

There is oil also in the Negev. “In August, 1951,” writes Arnold Leese, “an American firm of petroleum geologists reported in the New York Herald Tribune, after completing its survey in Israel, that Israel may become a major oil-producing power, and that the Negev is one of the most promising areas.[34]

The same writer had already pointed out in December, 1948, that oil had been discovered in Palestine as far back as July, 1934, but that the High Commissioner had come down the following day with a retinue of experts and the well had been filled up. A decent interval was allowed to elapse between the murder of Count Bernadotte and the “rediscovery” of oil.[35]


“The lot of the Arab refugees,” writes Douglas Reed, “is more candidly, though pitilessly, presented in the Zionist press than in the great mass-circulation journals: ‘There is not a single Arab left in the whole of northern Palestine . . . More than one-third of all Palestine Arabs have left or lost their homes, and there is little doubt that most of them have lost their dwellings for good . . . The International Refugee organisation, which is mainly supported by the United States and Britain, announces that the Palestinian Arabs are not eligible for its assistance. The organisation has allocated £1,500,000 for the Jewish Agency’s resettlement programme.’ The point of the jest came on December 19th 1948, while the Arabs were being driven destitute from their native land. The Times then reported that: ‘The United Nations General Assembly tonight unanimously decided upon a draft convention on genocide, which is now declared a crime in International law. Genocide is defined as acts intended to destroy in whole or in part national, ethnical, racial or religious groups; and rulers, officials or individuals are made punishable by state or international penal tribunals not only for the crime but for the conspiracy, incitement or attempt to commit it . . . Hypocrisy on this scale assumes a grandeur of its own, beyond criticism. The Assembly which drafted the convention was the same which at the same moment genocided a completely inoffensive (though weak) national, ethnical, racial and religious group. Every member of the unanimous Assembly was indictable under every count . . . The word ‘genocide’was first invented for the Nuremberg trial and applied especially to the case of the Jews. The draft convention, if that origin and the genocidal act in Palestine are borne in mind, appears to mean only that any opposition to Zionism is to be declared genocide, while anything done by Zionism is exempt.”[36]

His Holiness, Pope Pius XII, made a moving appeal for the return of these poor refugees in his Encyclical Letter of Good Friday, 15th April, 1949, On the Holy Places in Palestine: “Although fighting has ceased, none the less we are still far from the restoration of calm and order in Palestine. Complaints are still reaching Us from those who rightly and justly grieve over the desecration of churches and images, and homes of beneficence and charity, or the destruction of the houses of cloistered communities. Very many fugitives of all ages and every state of life, driven abroad by the disastrous war, cry pitifully to Us. They live in exile, under guard and exposed to infection and all manner of dangers . . . We most earnestly implore those to whom it belongs to do justice to all who have been driven far away from their homes by the tempest of war and who long above all to live in quiet once more.”[37]

In this Encylical Letter and in that of October 24, 1948, the Holy Father also pleaded for the internationalisation of Jerusalem. In spite of that, Israel, according to The Tablet (Brooklyn), August 9, 1952, has already moved all government offices from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem with the exception of the Foreign Office, and it is now preparing to move that also. That shows Israel’s contempt for the Holy Father’s plea and the conviction that whatever it does will not be seriously questioned by the United Nations Organisation.


In the Foreword to the Third Edition of The Rulers of Russia I have summarised a “lecture” given by a Jewish banker of New York, as outlined in Count de St. Aulaire’s interesting book, Genève contre la Paix (pp. 83 - 92). This “lecture” on the Mission of Israel amongst the nations was “delivered” at an international dinner at Buda-Pesth in 1919 only a few days after the collapse of the Judæo-Bolshevik domination of Bela-Kuhn over Catholic Hungary.[38] The Count explains, by way of introduction, that a number of Jewish revolutionaries, who had been expelled from Hungary, had returned there in American uniforms after the armistice, and that their reports guided President Wilson in his attitude towards all that concerned the interests of Israel. This is the reason, adds the Count, for the President’s scandalous partiality towards the Bolsheviks.[39] In reply to the question how it was possible for high finance to favour Bolshevism, which is hostile to property, movable and immovable, the Jewish banker began by explaining that those who are astonished at the alliance between Israel and the Soviets forget that the Jewish nation is the most intensely national of all peoples and that Marxism is simply one of the weapons of Jewish nationalism. Capitalism, he added, is equally sacred to Israel, which makes use of both Bolshevism and Capitalism to remould the world for its ends. The process of renovation of the world is thus carried on from above by the Jewish control of the riches of the world and from below by Jewish guidance of revolution. Israel has a divine mission, in fact, Israel, become its own Messiah, is God. Israel is thus purifying the idea of God and at the same time preparing the definitive triumph of the chosen race. In this way, the banker concluded, Jewish power of organisation is manifested at one and the same time by Bolshevism with its delirium of destruction and by the League of Nations in the sphere of reconstruction.

Accepting this description of the Jewish nation’s method of advancing towards its naturalistic messianic goal of world domination, we can readily apply it to the recent history of the world. Mr. H. Belloc points out in his book, The Jews, published in 1922, that from the end of the 17th century, that is, as I would express it, from the arrival of King William III and the foundation of the Bank of England, there was an alliance between England and the Jews. The fact that England was the leading commercial State “led to something like identity between the interests of lsrael and the interests of England, an identity which has lasted so long that now, when divergence is beginning to appear, it still seems odd and novel to the older generation that there should be any Jewish action which is not favourable to England."[40] A little further on, Mr. Belloc remarks that “the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine was . . . at once the term and the turning-point of a process which had reached its conclusion.”[41] Already at the time of the Balfour Declaration in 1917, that financial supremacy which had been transferred from Amsterdam to London had passed from London to New York. The 1914-1918 War had been used for that as well as for the downfall of Russia. England had served its turn.[42] The decline of the British Empire had already begun and continues.[43] Be it remarked in passing that Freemasonry has been used in several ways to bring about this decline [44] while, at the same time, it is being used in Ireland to sap and undermine the rule of Christ the King, under the plea of attachment to the Empire.

When the United States became the “most favoured” country, it was quickly employed to crush the two countries, Germany and Japan, that stood in the way of the Communist instrument, Russia. That was accomplished in the war that began in 1939. Having served its turn the United States is being weakened, externally, for example, by its being hood-winked into handing over China to Communism and into building up the armed might of Russia, and internally, by the encroachments of the United Nations on its national sovereignty in preparation for the setting up of a definitely anti-supernatural World Government under Jewish control. The whole process of the rise and growth of the secret Jewish power over the United States can be studied in the Williams Intelligence Summary and in the books, Know Your Enemy and The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, by Robert H. Williams, and The Iron Curtain over America, by John Beaty. Additional information can be obtained in the News-Bulletins of the Cinema Educational Guild by Myron C. Fagan, Reds in the Anti-Defamation League, What is this thing called Anti-Semitism?, Documentation of the Reds Behind World-Federalism, The “Smear” to destroy MacArthur, etc., etc., in the books by Joseph P. Kamp, America Betrayed and We must Abolish the United States, in the Report to the American People on Unesco, by the Hon. John T. Wood of Idaho, in the House of Representatives, October 18, 1951, and in The Constitution and the United Nations, by the Hon. Frank E. Holman of the American Bar association.[45]

Myron C. Fagan aptly sums up the internal situation in the United States, in a few phrases of What is this thing called Anti-Semitism? “The Anti-Defaniation League,” he writes, “is using the United States . . . to create a ‘One World’ government to be controlled and dominated by their internationalist creatures—the destruction of the United States as a sovereign nation means triumphant life for the Anti-Defamation League . . . The Politburo of the Anti-Defamation League dictates the policies, the activities and the acts of the League. And for 20 and more years they have held all our 145 million Americans in trembling fear of the wrath of the Anti-Defamation League . . . The Anti-Defamation League destroys by means of the ‘smear’ all those who fight against Communism, and provides honour wealth and grandeur for those who fight for Communism, as witness Anna M. Rosenberg—among many others . . . What they (the ADL) have done to me or to a Jack Tenney, or to a John T. Flynn, or to a Joe McCarthy, or to a Herbert Hoover, or even what they may have in store for a Douglas MacArthur, is of infinitesimal importance compared to what they can and will do to the American People . . . . unless they are unmasked and shorn of all their secret weapons and illicit powers.”[46]

The Williams Intelligence Summary (July, 1952), paints a sad picture of the external situation of the United States and of the countries of Europe and America. “Christianity and the white race,” writes Mr. Williams, “. . . . are the central object of hatred and destruction of all the Marxist allies: the Communists, the Zionists, the Socialists, the false Liberals, the New Dealers, the Internationalists. These people are inciting all the coloured races in Asia, Africa and our own country against us . . . Recent issues of the Roumanian Bulletin, published largely by escapees in New York City, report that three to five million Hungarians and Roumanians, the property-owning class, are in process of deportation to slave labour camps in Russia; while an equal number of Chinese are being moved into the homes thus vacated. In many cases the Chinese have forcibly detained the wives of the deported white men. This is the picture of the white race melting away under the bludgeoning and race-mixing strategy of the Marxists . . . But note the direction in which the Communist and Zionist forces are moving the world: they are making the white race destroy itself, making all the non-Jewish peoples blend into a formless, confused and leaderless mass—while the masters of the ‘new world order’ weld their own people into a fighting hard core . . . In two world wars the white race was made to bleed itself anaemic, leaving Europe in ruins, Britain reduced to hunger, in the chains of Jewish-fostered Socialism. Meanwhile, ‘lendlease’ and the U.S. State Department and Jewish spies elevated the Soviet Union to a major threat . . . By wars and internal strife and enslaving Socialism and taxation, the white race is being induced to destroy itself. The Jewish masters who steer the policies of the Soviet Union and those who have so much influence over the Western nations have set the stage for a third world war. In this one, white youths from America, Britain and Western Europe are to be thrown against white youths from Eastern Europe and Russia, backed by the equally befuddled and driven hordes of Asia. Surely such a war is designed to devastate and enchain the white nations (and all nations) . . . What is the solution? Not war. Not further appeasement, either of the Soviet Union or of the Marxist organised minorities in America or elsewhere. Neither race hatred nor further racial compromises can straighten out this appalling mess.”

Lest any of my readers may think that I am exaggerating when I speak of the planned weakening and disintegration of the United States, I shall quote a few sentences from John T. Flynn’s latest book, While You Slept. This book tells the story of how China was delivered over to the Communists through the combined action of American State Department officials and clever propaganda. “In these last twenty years,” writes Mr. Flynn, “this country has been a laboratory for the dark and insidious science of modern revolutionary propaganda. It is difficult for the American to realise that the ideas, the prejudices, the convictions he holds may have been deliberately—though slyly—planted in his mind by men who have a settled purpose in performing the operation, who possess the instruments of thought control and understand how to operate them . . . never has there been so large ... a population so defenceless against such an enterprise as the people of America.”[47] While You Slept was published in the second half of 1951.

Already in 1950, Joseph P. Kamp had written a book, entitled America Betrayed, to show that “traitors in our own State Department were permitted to betray American security and to jeopardise the safety of the American people, by helping to assure a Communist conquest of China.”[48] Now at last in The Tablet (Brooklyn) of December 20, 1952, we read that “No one can recall when any United States Senator ever scored three victories such as did Senator Patrick McCarran of Nevada, chairman of the Senate Internal Security Sub-Committee, within twenty-four hours this week. For the welfare of the nation, each one accomplished by the Nevada Senator and his colleagues is considered a high achievement. They are in order:

First, the recall of John Carter Vincent, U.S. Minister to Tangiers and key consultant of the State Department for many years, following the finding of the President’s Loyalty Review Board that his loyalty to the country is in ‘reasonable doubt.’ The State Department had previously cleared Mr. Vincent, but the McCarran Committee tied him with the pro-Red Institute of Pacific Relations.[49] Second, the Federal indictment of Owen Lattimore, close State Department advisor, and the man who read to President Truman the programme which, it is said, led to the downfall of Chiang Kai-shek, the loss of China to the Communists and the present war in Korea . . . Senator McCarran and his group conducted a complete re-investigation and, in its findings, recommended the Department of Justice proceed against the former State Department consultant on five grounds of perjury. The Federal Grand Jury indicted him on seven grounds. Third, in response to the revelation by the McCarran Sub-Committee of the presence of American Communists and pro-Communists in the United Nations, President Truman has directed three branches of the Government to collaborate on a plan to bring ‘a maximum of security’ among American employees of the United Nations. While this belated action should have been inaugurated years ago, it would not have been introduced, even as this late date, if the Nevada Statesman’s Committee had not aroused the country to the peril from within . . . One question on the minds of many officials in Washington was brought forth to-day. Senator Karl E. Mundt, of South Dakota, stated that the McCarran Committee . . . should now find the answer to the question: Who were the sponsors of Lattimore, Vincent and their colleagues in the Government?”

An editorial in the same issue of The Tablet draws the following conclusions from the above: “This we do know. That the United States Government, particularly the State Department, gives evidence of having been poisoned within and of having sold out not only China and other nations, but our own flesh and blood . . . Finally, we do know that the findings now coming out in Washington are a superb justification of the charges made by Senator Joseph McCarthy . . . Senator McCarthy has had tough going. Blocked and denounced by Government agencies; and officials; viciously attacked by the Communist party, by such newspapers as the New York Post and those who follow its ‘liberal’ line and by a group of broadcasters and columnists . . . he is being vindicated by the present revelations.”

It may be useful to add that in his fine book, McCarthyism. The Fight for America, Senator McCarthy says; “I ‘exposed’ Time magazine for gross, deliberate lying . . . I have no personal fight with Henry Luce, owner of Time . . . There is nothing personal about my exposing the depth to which this magazine will sink in using deliberate falsehoods to destroy anyone who is hurting the Communist cause.”[50] The statement has been made to me that Time is read by many Catholic priests.

What makes matters sadder still for those who understand the meaning of naturalism (or anti-supernaturalism) is that, in all the American books and pamphlets I have mentioned, there is no warning about the danger to which the country’s interests are exposed through Freemasonry. In England there is at least the beginning of an awakening to that danger. From Admiral to Cabin Boy, by Admiral Sir Barry Domvile, and The Nameless War, by Captain A. H. M. Ramsay, should be studied by every Englishman .[51]


Unesco is the abbreviated form used for the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. Unesco’s function in great part seems to be to eliminate whatever remains of the traditional respect and love of family and country in the minds of children. “Unesco’s scheme to perfect public education,” writes the Hon. John T. Wood, “appears in a series of nine volumes entitled ‘Towards World Understanding,’ which presume to instruct kindergarten and elementary grade teachers in the fine art of preparing our youngsters for the day when their first loyalty will be to a world government of which the United States will form but an administrative part . . . These booklets are cheaply priced for maximum distribution and are printed by Columbia University Press, New York . . . This institution has become well known as a hotbed of British Fabianism, that peculiar type of creeping socialism which sired the present Labour government which has reduced England to a fourth-rate power and a star boarder in the European section of America’s world charity ward[52] . . . The programme is quite specific. The teacher is to begin by eliminating any and all words, phrases, descriptions, pictures, maps, classroom material or teaching methods of a sort causing his pupils to feel or express a particular love for, or loyalty to, the United States of America. Children exhibiting such prejudice as a result of prior home influences—Unesco calls it the outgrowth of the narrow family spirit—are to be dealt an abundant measure of counter propaganda at the earliest possible age . . .

“Booklet VI contains a series of research suggestions which indicate an intention to stimulate ultimate classroom expeditions into the field of detailed sex education. Here are a few samples of the type of questions which Unesco . . . propounds for our public-school teachers: ‘Are there devices . . . for limiting the family?’

‘Do parents undress before the child?’ ‘What is he (the child) told about where babies come from?’ A sense of propriety prohibits us from quoting the even less modest projects which appear with the above.

“One further word remains to be added. Several of the booklets discussed bear a preface which states that the views expressed are those of their authors, and that they do not represent the official views of Unesco . . .One who administers poison to a Nation’s Youth is guilty of a crime, whether the prescription is official or other."[53]

In his Bulletin, The ‘Smear’ to destroy MacArthur, Myron C. Fagan gives some excellent supplementary information: “Unesco’s (which means the U.N.) two major goals are: (1) Propaganda attacks designed to force ‘adoption’ by all member Nations of the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ . . . (2) The revision, or rewriting, of every text book now in use in American schools, with first and particular emphasis upon American history books . . . A Unesco pamphlet (‘Towards World Understanding,’ Vol. V.) gives this advice to teachers: ‘When the child begins the study of national geography, he should be immunised against an exaggerated sense of the importance of his own country . . . It is most frequently in the family that the children are infected with Nationalism . . . The school can do little if parents infect the child with sclerosis of the mind . . . only during the last years of school is it possible to discuss some of the problems that will bring home to boys and girls the decisive influence for good or evil that parents can exert’ . . . 600,000 dollars have been given by the United Nations for the writing of A History of Mankind, the Development of Peoples. Four men who have been publicly branded as atheists head the editorial committee . Dr. Ralph E. Turner, Prof. Julian S. Huxley, Earl Bertrand Russell and Dr. A. L. Krocher. Of nine ‘Corresponding Members’ from America, not a single one is Catholic.” The Hon. J. T. Wood, as quoted above, said that there were “even less modest projects” in Booklet VI. In The Tablet (Brooklyn), April 12, 1952., there was cited an extract from that Booklet recommending masturbation, for “no physical pleasure of which the child is capable is in itself forbidden.” The writer in The Tablet adds by way of comment: “The foregoing is a sample of world government in action.”

A fitting conclusion to this Chapter will be a list of the members of the Jewish nation holding important positions in the United Nations, including those in Unesco. It will go far to show that the Jewish nation has advanced to a very favourable position for the establishment of an anti-Christian World Government. [This list has been bypassed for the purpose of this website. MMcD]


In his book, This Terrorism and You, and in his paper Pravda, (English Edition), Mr. Vladimir Lezak-Borin maintains that Lenin seized control of the Russian revolutionary movement and used the Jews for his purposes in 19I7-1921, as Stalin, who succeeded him, deceived them and used them on a much larger scale in 1939-1947. He holds that there is a gigantic struggle going on in the world, between Jewish nationalistic bourgeoisie (political Zionists) and Russian Bolsheviks, for world domination, and that Russian Bolsheviks were and are much cleverer than the Jews, so that instead of Russian Bolshevism being an instrument employed by the Jews, as the Jewish banker boasted at Buda-Pesth, the Jews are simply tools in the hands of the Bolsheviks. Such he insists, is the whole truth about Zionist-Bolshevik unity. In his opinion, because the Jews who are ruling in the United States are not American nationalists but Jewish nationalists, the whole U. S. policy against Russian Bolshevism is muddled and is in fact turning to the advantage of Russian Bolshevism. Jewish nationalists are guiding U. S. policy along lines calculated to bring about world domination for Russian Bolshevism.

Much as I admire Mr. Lezak-Borin’s forceful style and splendid courage, I fear that he is leaving important factors out of account. I can here mention only a few of these factors, which, in my opinion, make his thesis untenable. According to him, patriotic Germans who wished to weaken one of the enemies of their Fatherland at war were the exclusive sources of the money and the sealed train for Lenin to return to Russia; no assistance was forthcoming for him from Jews. Now, in my book, The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganisation of Society (pp. 296-328), I have outlined the respective roles of England, Germany and the Jewish nation in the Bolshevik Revolution. It is an extraordinary fact that the English and the Germans, though at war at the time, collaborated in the work of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. The Germans dispatched Lenin and his followers from Switzerland to Russia, and the English liberated Trotsky from Halifax (Nova Scotia), after he and his band of East-side Jewish desperadoes had been arrested on the high seas by the British Fleet, on their way from New York to Russia. The interest of Germany in the collapse of Russia is quite clear, but not so that of England. In the pages indicated above, I have pointed out the action of the Jewish nation, “the most formidable sect in the world”—to use the words of Mr. Winston Churchill in the House of Commons, November 5th 1919—behind the other two, utilising them for its own ends. I beg to refer my readers to those pages, and to mention here only a few points in connexion with Germany.

The first point is that it was a wealthy Jew named Parvus or Helpfand, also noted as a Freemason, who acted as the intermediary between the German Government and Lenin. The second point is that, at the meeting in Stockholm in 1916, between the former Russian Minister of the Interior, Protopopoff, and the German agents, the German Foreign Office was represented by Mr. Max Warburg, whose two brothers (Paul and Felix), were members of the international banking firm of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. The third point. is the rôle of the Jewish banker, Aschberg or Ashberg of the Nya Banken, Stockholm. He figures in the famous document concerning the financing of the Bolshevik Revolution, quoted on pages 89-91 of The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World, as furnishing funds to Trotsky and Co. in 1917. Now Mr. Ashberg or Aschberg is still to the fore, and it is very hard to suppose, as Mr. Lezak-Borin seems to imply, that a Jewish financier is being fooled all this time. In Know Your Enemy, by R. H. Williams, we read: “Mr. Ashberg, who was known throughout the banking world as a Jewish financier at the Nia Banken in Sweden before the Bolshevik Revolution, and who was reported by Edgar Sisson as having arrived in Russia two months after the successful ‘October Revolution,’ is still in Russia and is the banker for the U.S.S.R.

“The London Evening Star, Sept. 6, 1948, reported a visit by Ashberg to Switzerland ‘for secret meetings with Swiss government officials and banking executives.’ Diplomatic circles describe Mr. Ashberg as the Soviet banker who advanced large sums to Lenin and Trotsky in 1917. At the time of the revolution, Mr. Ashberg gave Trotsky money to form and equip the first unit of the Red army. The financial attaché of the Soviet Legation described Mr. Ashberg as ‘the most unusual man the Kremlin has ever sent to the West. He bears no official title, is attached to no Government department, is not in the Soviet Foreign Service and is not a member of the Cominform.’”[54]

In addition, if Lenin’s October Revolution had upset Jewish financial and other-plans, why was Jacob Schiff of Kuhn, Loeb and Co. so anxious to secure recognition for the Bolsheviks? “The well known Jewish banker, Mr. Jacob Schiff,” writes Wickham Steed, former editor of The Times, “was known to be anxious to secure recognition for the Bolshevists, among whom Jewish influence was predominant . . . I insisted . . . that the prime movers (to make Wilson acknowledge the Bolshevists), were Jacob Schiff, Warburg and other international financiers.”[55]

The main argument, however, against Mr. Lezak-Borin’s thesis is that if the Jews were to set out to give the Russians and the rest of the world the truth, the plain, unvarnished truth, about Communism and its “achievements,” in concentration camps, starvation and human misery generally, in a very short time, Communist propagandists would be received with hostility everywhere. Let us suppose for a moment that the “heat” were turned on Stalin, the MVD and the Siberian concentration camps, as it was on Hitler, the Gestapo, Buchenwald and Dachau. What reception would Communist organisers get after six months of it? “The Balfour Declaration,” wrote Mr. Louis Marshall, the Jewish legal officer of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., “is an act of the highest diplomacy . . . Zionism is but an incident of a far-reaching plan.” [56] If the Communist agitation in every country for the Land-for-the-People had ceased to be another “incident” in that far reaching plan and were being utilised instead to fool the planners, then the Cinema, the Press and the Radio would soon make it known to the world, in the appropriate manner. It is true that frank expressions of enthusiasm for Soviet Russia, on the part of Jews, are relatively rare, because of Jewish caution, but they are to be met with. For example, in The American Hebrew, Sept. 10, 1920, we read: “What Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent have so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Russia, the same historic qualities of the Jewish mind and heart are tending to promote in other countries.” Then there is the following: “The Soviet Union contained far the largest and most significant Jewish European community—again, as before the last war, over one-third of Jewry, which though it had largely abandoned traditional observance, was consciously proud of its Jewish achievement for humanity in the Socialist State. British Jewry was now the second in Europe. And British and Soviet Jewry had links through Palestine.”[57] To these might be added a passage from the pen of Louis Levine, National Chairman of the Jewish Council of Russian Relief. This outstanding leader of American Jewry wrote: “Special concern for the Jewish people has characterised the Soviet Union since its birth in the 1917 Revolution.”[58]


Mr. Lezak-Borin is quite correct in insisting upon the logical opposition between the principles of Marx’s materialism and Jewish nationalism. In my book The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World, I have outlined Marx’s principles and drawn from them some of the conclusions concerning nationality as follows: “The Marxian ‘idea’ is that the mass of the material world produces or evolves men who are pure matter, but who in turn modify and change the matter of which future men are composed by changes in the method of production. Therefore all the matter of the world belongs to all the men equally and can belong to no one in particular. As there is no such thing as personality in our sense, owing to the possession of an immaterial, rational soul, there can be no such thing as a right to own permanently any of the means of production. Man may have things which perish in the use of them, like the animals, but mere animal as he is, he has not the right to own land and productive goods in stable possession. He is simply brute matter evolving from the common earth and returning completely thereto.[59] For Marxists, then, private property in the means of production is always exploitation. Human labour, being the labour not of a person, differing specifically from the animals, but of a mere individual, belonging completely to the society, creates value for the society. Private ownership thus means the confiscation of the labour of others to one’s own advantage.

“There cannot of course, be any question of a native land (patria) in the Catholic sense. Material man works and modifies by his labour the particular portion of matter assigned to him by the State-God, but all our language about continuing the tradition of our ancestors is simply meaningless, bourgeois cant. Man is purely material and in due time, given the correct Marxian education, he will be exclusively concerned with matter and its modifications as he should be. According to The Communist Manifesto of Marx ‘the supremacy of the proletariat will efface all national distinctions.’ Communists, therefore, will take part in a national struggle only as a matter of tactics. Logically, nationality can be for them only a pretence, for nationality supposes the possession of an immaterial soul. If the Communist State grants entire lingual autonomy it emphatically does not recognise cultural autonomy and liberty. The national cultures are allowed to remain national in form, but they must be proletarian (that is, materialistic), in content. Little by little the logic of materialism will tend to wipe out national ideas. ”[60]

Accordingly, any claim to superiority on the part of the Jewish nation is against the principles of Marxism. This is still more strongly the case when the superiority is set forth in accordance with Talmudic tradition. “The Jewish people,” writes the Jew, Bernard Lazare, “is the people chosen by God . . . the only one with which the Divinity has entered into an agreement . . . When the serpent tempted Eve, says the Talmud, he corrupted her with his poison. By the reception of the revelation on Mount Sinai, the Jews were delivered from that evil: The other nations remained subject to it . . . other men are thus inferior to the Jews.”[61]

Mr. Lezak-Borin is of opinion that every manifestation of Jewish nationalism in Russia is ruthlessly suppressed and that the Jews in that country and the satellite countries are pliant instruments of the Politburo and the Communist Party. Others hold that the Jews who are one the world over refrain from openly manifesting their nationalistic designs until the Russians have served their turn in a war against the Catholic Church and the remnants of the once Christian nations.[62] He points to the “purges” of the Jews. The others retort by asking how is it that the Jews continue to allow themselves to be “purged” without raising the cry of the “Holy War,” as they did against Hitler and Germany. In Far and Wide, Douglas Reed points out that the Zionist newspapers quietly instructed their better-informed readers not to take the statements of the big Gentile sheets about “anti-Semitism” in Russia in 1948 and 1949 too seriously as the Soviet remained the Jews’ best friend in the world.[63]

It may be objected, however, that the purge trials inaugurated towards the end of 1952 are indicative of real anti-Semitism. Let us see. In the Williams Intelligence Summary (December, 1952), Robert H. Williams comments on these trials as follows:-

“For four years or more we have been warning that a gradual and extremely dangerous shift of propaganda was shaping up behind the iron curtain. As the West became increasingly aware that Communism was a Jewish power movement and related to Zionism, the men in the Kremlin, still Jewish dominated, had to find some way to take the heat off the Jewish nationalists the world over, so that their agents and friends in both Communism and Zionism could have a clean bill of health and dig deeper into positions of power in the Western governments. Many readers will recall that the Intelligence Summary and my booklets have warned that, as war approached, the Kremlin would have to make the world believe that Communism had turned anti-Jewish; the Kremlin would have to appear to persecute Jews. The fact that the Kremlin now is staging the ‘persecution’ trials means that they expect to make war on the West or fear that war will come, within a few years or a few months. Briefly the so-called purge trials are designed to accomplish—or at least are accomplishing—a multitude of things helpful to the world revolution. Observe that the trials—far from hurting the Jewish nationalists or the Jews—help their position in every respect, especially in those nations yet to be captured by the revolutionaries.

“Observe also that (as the Associated Press and the I.N.S. reported) not a single Western newspaper man was in Prague during the trials. Thus we are taking the handouts of the official Communist news service; our editors are running these handouts as if they were factual news. America seems to be rather generally accepting just what the official Communist propaganda service in Prague wants us to accept. And what is it the Communists want us to accept? That they now are no longer Jewish or pro-Jewish; that they are in fact persecuting Jews; that some Jewish officials high in the Communist apparatus have been secretly working with Zionists and American imperialists and capitalists, and thus the Zionists in America must be considered anti-Communist and therefore trustworthy! This is especially for American consumption. This is what the Communists want us to believe. Think that through. Why would the Communists thus be so good to the Zionists in the West? If the Communists didn’t want to render this stupendous aid to the Zionists they could easily hold the trials in secret. Instead, they make a world drama of them. This is the give away. The trials also make the non-Jews behind the iron curtain feel that maybe at last the terrorist Jewish dictatorship over them has got back into Gentile (though certainly not Christian) hands; maybe now the dictatorship will favour Gentiles. This possibility makes the Gentiles, the slaves, less violently anti-Communist, more likely to be loyal to the Kremlin in case of war.

“The new line has a strong appeal to the 300,000,000 Moslems who hold so much of the world’s oil territory and so much strategic geography. It makes the Moslems hate America more than ever, reminding them that the U.S. administration has helped the Zionists to power over the Arabs.

“Above all, the purge trials and the new propaganda line are making the kindly, gullible American think that ‘Communism is persecuting the Jews just as Hitler persecuted them,’ and thus we are once more being ribbed up to fight a world war to ‘rescue’ the Jews from ‘persecution’—and if this war comes, God help America. The Zionists (or Communists hiding behind the front of Zionism) already have set up the machinery inside the U.S. Department of Defence for seizing absolute power, if they can hold their now dominant position over the White House. I have fully documented this threat in the new booklet, Can the Police Protect Us?”

A few supplementary remarks on a couple of points will be useful. Russians who have been nurtured on Communist doctrine know well that Lenin insisted that “whoever directly or otherwise puts forward the slogan of Jewish national culture (however well intentioned he may be) is the enemy of the proletariat, the defender of the old and caste element in Jewry.”[64] Now, it is well-known that, in the last war, Russian soldiers surrendered in thousands to the German armies and were ready to welcome the Germans as liberators till Hitler’s treatment of them showed them that there was no hope that way. These “trials” may help to keep the Russians under the impression that they are not being used as tools for Jewish aims, as R. H. Williams has remarked.

Again—and this is most important—no reliance can be placed on news from Russia or the satellite countries. An article by John J. Griffin in The Tablet (Brooklyn) of Nov. 13, 1952, deals with a study of News From Russia just published in Zurich, Switzerland, by the International Press Institute. “In the introduction to its truly sensational study, the International Press Institute states that it is reporting on the problem of news from Russia ‘after direct and indirect inquiry in sixteen countries of newspaper editors, correspondents who have served in Moscow, other journalists and experts who have made the U.S.S.R. their special study.’ After a judicial review of the evidence, certain findings are inescapable, the agency declares. First of all, it becomes obvious that: ‘By any traditional standard the newspaper editor and his readers have no real picture of the Soviet Union.’ This fact, described as ‘equally disturbing as it is amazing,’ makes plain that American journalists who receive and relay news from the capital of the Communist Empire in the same uncritical fashion as dispatches from other centres are guilty of the most unreasonable naïveté. The very source-springs of such ‘news’ are so vitiated that American editors who pass it on indiscriminately, without warning their readers, are simply being utilised as instruments of Bolshevik propaganda . . .

“The International Press Institute points out that: ‘In Russia’s eyes the press is not a vehicle for information and entertainment, but an instrument for the attainment of the Government’s aims.’ To his disciples, as to Lenin, a newspaper is ‘not only a collective propagandist and collective agitator; it is a collective organiser.’ Consequently, acting with inexorable logic the Red revolutionaries see to it that ‘the Moscow correspondent can send (only) what the rulers of the U.S.S.R. are willing to let him send.’ While all journalists realise that news from Moscow is censored, neither they nor their readers are aware of the gruesome details of the compulsory press subservience. While this condition has long prevailed, since 1946 the restrictions have become absolute. So tight are the controls that the correspondents neither get to see or know the censors, the character and extent of deletions are not disclosed, and frequently their revised and retyped reports are sent along to the foreign press as original copy . . .

“The ultimate result of these frightful circumstances is the perpetual imposition of a triple-pressure censorship of all ‘news’ emanating from the Soviet Socialist Utopia. First, since news gathering in the customary sense is out of the question, ‘the correspondents in Moscow are thrown back on the Russian press for the substance of their dispatches.’ But as the International Press Institute study emphasises ‘the Russian press is itself prefabricated.’ It is wholly prostituted, to the propaganda designs of the despotic government.” Secondly, the article goes on to point out that the correspondent will try to write only what the censor will pass. Finally, of course, the already twice censored material will have to pass the official Soviet examiner, who will not allow through even what appears in the Russian press.

“Certain truths emerge conspicuously in the full light of the International Press Institute’s exposure. The principal of these, for practical purposes, is that there is no such thing as authentic news from the citadel of Mongolian materialism.” The same, of course, applies to the satellite States.[65]

One is forcibly reminded of the statement which appeared in the Parisian newspaper, Le Matin, of 25th May, 1939. According to that paper, M. Pierre Laval, the French Minister, after his return from Moscow in 1935, said to his colleagues in the French Cabinet: ”Have I really seen Stalin? I am not sure about it. Perhaps they showed me someone else.”

There is an interesting testimony to the emergence of Jewish nationalism in the Communist party outside of Russia in one country at least. In his book, Confessions of Stalin’s Agent, Kenneth Goff writes as follows: “We were called before Fred Bassett Blair, the Milwaukee County Party organiser, and subjected to some pretty rough treatment. We were accused of anti-Semitism for failing, as Blair said, to ‘beat up’ Mrs. Goff’s father.[66] We were given to understand that Jewish interests were to be put above everything else without any questions being asked. I was comparatively new in the Party at that time and had a lot to learn. So then and there I took a stand on a most sensitive question, where the logic was most definitely on my side . . . I asked plainly why it was that Jewish comrades were allowed to hold secret caucuses, with no Gentile being permitted to attend. I wanted to know what went on behind those closed doors. I inquired why negroes and other races were not permitted to hold such caucuses. The only answer I could get . . . was that it had always been done.

“Just as Jewish groups within the Party are granted this special privilege for the purpose of controlling local situations, so also, the same racial power predominates throughout the Red movement—from top to bottom. Every student of Communism, who goes to the heart of the issue, eventually makes the discovery. It is a fact which cannot be sidestepped. I have no way of knowing how Major R. H. Williams of the Army Intelligence gained access to the secret documents quoted in his amazing report on the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, but I am in a position to know that he is on solid ground. When he is referring to this Gestapo as promoting ‘The World Communist Offensive,’ he is not engaging in a mere play upon words. He is dealing with something that every man and woman inside the Party thoroughly understands.”[67]


A pamphlet entitled Karl Marx and Jewish Messianism, by a Jewish writer, Jeremiah Ben-Jacob, is characterised by a seemingly studied vagueness of expression. Nevertheless we can deduce clearly from it that Marxian Communism has accomplished much but requires to be completed, and that the perfecting of what has been achieved will be the work of Israel. “Marxist and Hebraic paths diverge,” writes the author, “but the goal is identical. It is to put an end to the exploitation of man by man and of nation by nation, to bring about the unity of mankind and to ensure that the resources of the earth are utilised, not for the benefit of the few, but for the enjoyment of all human beings and all nations . . . The Russian Revolution has only half fulfilled its promise. Immense progress has been made in the Soviet Union to secure for the common people freedom from poverty and enforced idleness, freedom from the vulgarities of commercialism and freedom from superstition and decaying institutions. On the other hand, little progress has been made in securing for the ordinary citizen relief from the omnipotence of the State, freedom of movement and access to information from the outside world. The contempt for the conscience and rights of the individual is still profound . . . The great reconciliation with the outside world is yet to come. The summing up of the era is yet to be rendered.”[68] Needless to say, the “summing up” will take place, according to Mr. Ben-Jacob, in the Jewish messianic era. “Marxism,” he informs us, “is in essence inverted Messianism.”

Mr. Ben-Jacob must certainly have great contempt for the intelligence of his readers, when he ventures to assert that “immense progress has been made in the Soviet Union to secure for the common people freedom from poverty and forced idleness.” The Real Soviet Russia, by his fellow-national, D.J. Dallin, to take one of the many reliable works quoted in my book, The Rulers of Russia and the Russian Farmers, shows the terrible misery and the enforced slavery of the ordinary Russian people.


Where I am happy to be able to declare myself in complete agreement with Mr. Lezak-Borin is where he advocates the wider diffusion of ownership, thus helping to combat Bolshevism by the deproletarianisation of the bulk of the people. To succeed in this, however, it is necessary to undo the disordered domination of money, which has so largely contributed to bring about the proletarian or propertyless condition of the workers which he deplores. The art of manipulating money is an auxiliary art, destined by its nature to be at the service of production, which in turn is meant to be at the service of members of Christ in contented families. The disorder prevailing at present in the world is precisely the reversal of this order. [69]

The courage and strength required to undo the disordered domination of money and to diffuse ownership of productive property demand the restoration of the doctrines of our solidarity in Christ both in theory and in practice. It is only from our Lord, Head of the Mystical Body, that that courage and strength can come.

It was the sense of their oneness with their co-offerers and co-victims with Christ in the Mass that strengthened the Catholics of the early centuries for the long struggle for the recognition of the Rights of God and of the Kingship of Christ in their integrity. For the return of social justice in the modern world, the same great truth must be insisted upon unceasingly. If we define social justice in the members of a society as the virtue by which the members are enabled to direct all their actions towards the common good of the society, we can hope for its triumph over the cold, calculating naturalism of individualistic liberalism and over the harsh, brutal naturalism of materialistic collectivism, only when Christ’s members have again grown accustomed to their solidarity in Him. When once men realise that what is done for their fellow-men is done for Christ and to Christ they will readily see that social life must be so organised that each member of Christ may have a just and fair opportunity of living in accordance with his sublime dignity.

It was the realisation of the great truth of the slaves’ membership of Christ that gradually brought about the abolition of slavery in the ancient world.[70] The practical living of the same great truth of our membership of Christ, will be required, in order to avert the return of a worse form of slavery in the modern world. [71] All Catholics are, by the fact of their membership of Christ, whole-time Christians. Their attitude, when leaving the Church after Mass, is not intended to be merely the negative one of trying to keep themselves from being drawn into the anti-supernatural camp by mortal sin, while allowing social life to be moulded by the enemies of our divine Lord. It is intended to be the positive one of striving to organise the whole framework of society under Christ the King so as to favour the supernatural life. The Second Person of the Blessed Trinity came down on earth to propose the divine plan for order. We are meant to accept that programme in its entirety and strive to impregnate the State, family life, education and economic organisation with the great truth of human solidarity in Christ’s Mystical Body. The early Christians accepted all that our divine Lord stood for and did not whittle down His claims. So must we stand for His programme in its entirety as set forth by the Sovereign Pontiffs in their Encyclicals, and thus combat positively for the organisation of society based on membership of Christ. Rerum Novarum and Quadragesimo Anno must not be sectioned off from Immortale Dei and Quas Primas, other-wise we shall fail to achieve lasting results.

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Jews in 1939 15,500,000
Less Jews killed by Hitler 6,000,000
Surviving Jews in 1948 15,700,000
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This is the truth contained in the satirical work, Animal Farm, by George Orwell (Penguin Books). George Orwell, whose real name was Eric Hugh Blair, fought for the Reds in Spain and hated the Catholic Church, yet it is only the doctrine of membership of Christ, taught by the Catholic Church, that can prevent the diffusion of that savagery which compelled him to flee from Spain to escape being “purged” by his “comrades,” the Communist Commissars. Cf. Orwell’s book, Homage to Catalonia.
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