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   The Kingship of Christ and The Conversion of the Jewish Nation
    by Rev. Denis Fahey, C.C.Sp.


Programme of Christ the King through His Mystical Body, the Catholic Church.

Programme of the Jewish Nation since the rejection of Christ before Pilate and on Calvary.


(I) The Catholic Church, supernatural and supranational, is the one way established by God for the ordered return of human beings to Him. All states and nations are bound to acknowledge it as such and all men of all nations are called upon to enter it as Members of Christ.

(I) The Jewish Nation under the natural messias will establish union among the nations. That necessarily involves aiming at the elimination of every vestige of the supernatural life that comes from Christ.


(II) The Catholic Church is the sole divinely-appointed Guardian of the whole moral law, natural and revealed.

(II) The Jewish Nation under the natural messias will decide what is moral and what is immoral.


(III) Christian Marriage, the foundation of the Christian family, as the symbol of the union of Christ and His Mystical Body, is One and Indissoluble.

(III) Divorce and Polygamy according to Jewish law will take the place of Christian Marriage.


(IV) Children must be educated as Members of Christís Mystical Body, so that they may be able to look at everything, nationality included, from that standpoint.

(IV) As the doctrine of membership of Christ is a corruption of the true Jewish message to the world, all trace of membership of Christ and of the supernatural life of grace must be eliminated from education. Non-Jews must be trained to accept submission to the Jewish nation, and non-Jewish nationality must not conflict with Jewish world-wide supremacy.


(V) Ownership of property should be widely diffused, in order to facilitate families in procuring a sufficiency of material goods for their members. Unions of owners and workers in guilds will reflect the solidarity of the Mystical Body of Christ.

(V) Complete Socialisation of property, either in the form of ownership of everything by the state or by the relatively few financiers who control the state, must be aimed at. Ownership of Property, especially in land, makes for independence, so it must be eliminated.


(VI) The Monetary System of a country is meant to be at the service of production in view of the virtuous life of members of Christ in contented families.

(VI) Money is the instrument by which state-control or state-socialisation is brought about. Instead of the correct order of finance for production and production for Members of Christ, men must be subservient to production and production to finance. State-control can be maintained by means of financial control.