· New Testament 

The Second Epistle of St. Paul to the Thessalonians

In this epistle S. Paul admonishes the Thessalonians to be constant in the faith of Christ, and not to be terrified by the insinuations of false teachers, telling them that the day of judgment was near at hand, as there must come many signs and wonders before it. He bids them to hold firm the traditions received from him, whether by word or by epistle; and shews them how they may be certain of his letters by the manner he writes. This epistle was written soon after the former, and also from Corinth, about A. 52. Ch. Wi. - From the context we learn that the present is a continuation of the former epistle. He not only rectifies wrong impressions caused by his former letter, but finding that those indolent characters whom he had reprimanded were no ways corrected, he determines to reprimand them still more severely in this letter, which he tells us he writes because he has it not in his power to visit, as he could wish, the Thessalonians.

Chapter-1 · Gives thanks for their faith, prays for their advancement.
Chapter-2 · Warning that the apostles' traditions are to be observed.
Chapter-3 · Request for their prayers, warns them against idleness.