Religious Information

Christian Belief:
The Didache - Teachings of the Apostles
The Douay Catechism (1649) - H. Tuberville D.D.
Doctrinal Catechism (1846) - Rev. Stephen Keenan
Baltimore Catechism #3 - the 1891 version
Baltimore Catechism #2 - for younger catecumens
Explanation of the Sacraments - Father Goffine
The Church Laws of Fast and Abstinence
Dogmas of the Catholic Church - Dr. Ludwig Ott
Salvation Outside the Church? - Church Fathers
Baptism of Desire and Blood - Mater Dei Seminary
Reception of Converts and Profession of Faith
Catholic Etiquette - A Catholic Layman's Guide.
A Small Catechism - for a quick reference.
An Examination of Conscience

Teachings from Saints:
Uniformity with Gods Will - Saint Alphonsus.
On the Incarnation - Saint Athanasius.
On Christian Doctrine - Saint Augustine.
On Papal Authority - Saint Bellarmine.
The Holy Rule of Saint Benedict.
On Loving God - Saint Bernard of Clairvaux.
The Life of Dominic Savio - Saint John Bosco.

Miscellaneous Articles:
Letter to his Flock -  Saint Athanasius
The Ottaviani Intervention - Roman Theologians
Mass of Luther - Archbishop Lefebvre

Conversion of The Jewish Nation - Rev. Fahey, C.S.Sp.
The Papacy and Freemasonry -  Monseigneur Jouin
The Catholic Dogma - Rev. Michael Muller, C.SS.R.
Q&A on Salvation - Rev. Michael Muller, C.SS.R.

Biblical References of Messianic Prophecy
The Heresy of Mohammed -  Hilaire Belloc
What Was the Reformation -  Hilaire Belloc

California Missions -  a short pictorial history
Chant Notation - Rev. Dominic Johner O.S.B.
How old is your Church? -  various sources
Article on what "Catholic" means
A Guide to Latin Pronunciation - Michael Martin
Successors of St Peter - Catholic Encyclopedia