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   The Catholic Dogma
    by Rev. Michael Müller, C.SS.R

"Extra Ecclesiam Nullus omnino Salvatur."
"Out of the Church there is positively no Salvation." - Fourth Lateran Council, 1015

"Error, cui non resistur, approbatur; et Veritas, cum minime defensatur."
"Not to oppose erroneous Doctrine is to approve of it, and not to defend at all true Doctrine is to suppress it." - Innocent III.

Chapter I. Introductory
Chapter II. The Infallible and only True Guide to Heaven
Chapter III. The Great Revolt Against Christ
Chapter IV. Dishonesty of His Impudence Bishop Coxe
Chapter V. Refutation of the False Assertions of Rev'ds Sir Oracle, Cronin and Young.

Chapter V - PART I.

There is no salvation out of the Church.

§  1. S.O begins to comment on some answers, contained in our little work, "Familiar Explanation of Christian Doctrine," (first edition)
§  2. S.O. continues to speak ex cathedra.
§  3. S.O. examines and explains the question and answer, "Have Protestants any faith in Christ?  A. They never had.
§  4. What Catholic faith is.
§  5. What Protestants' belief in Christ is.
§  6. More false oracles of Sir Oracle.
§  7. S.O. declares truth to be rant and abuse.
§  8. S.O. continues to declare false what is true.
§  9. S.O. declares wholly untrue what he cannot understand.
§ 10. S.O. avows that our conclusion is correct, but tells more d--d lies.
§ 11. S.O. declares that the final sentence of the Eternal Judge, "I know you not--Depart from me, etc." will fall, not on Protestants, but only on bad Catholics; but from his own words it is proved that Protestants, too, are included in that sentence.
§ 12. S.O. declares the honest life of Protestants a standing reproach to bad Catholics.
§ 13. S.O.'s. pharisaical language.

Chapter V - PART II.

Those who live in heresy without being guilty of the sin of heresy.

§  1. Natural Law.
§  2. The written Law.
§  3. The New Law or the Law of Grace.
§  4. Conscience in general.
§  5. Kinds of conscience:

1. The right or true conscience.
2. The certain conscience.
3. The timorous or tender conscience.
4. The doubtful conscience.
5. The lax conscience.
6. The perplexed conscience.
7. The scrupulous conscience.
8. The erroneous or false conscience.

§ 6. What heretics are not guilty of the sin of heresy -- Refutation of Rev. A. Young's erroneous doctrine on divine faith of material heretics.
§ 7. Invincible or inculpable ignorance neither saves nor damns a person.
§ 8. How Almighty God leads to salvation those who are inculpably ignorant of the truths of salvation.
§ 9. Those who sincerely seek the true religion.
§ 10. S.O. on confession.
§ 11. S.O. points out the road to heaven for heathen and Protestants of every denomination.
§ 12. S.O. gives us credit for our correct doctrine in a way very dishonorable to himself.
§ 13. S.O. as Catechist.
§ 14. Liberalism condemned by the Church.