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   St. Bernard of Clairvaux

On Loving God

Chapter I - Why we should love God, and the measure of that love
Chapter II - How much God deserves love from man in recognition of His gifts
Chapter III - What greater incentives Christians have, more than the heathen, to love God
Chapter IV - Of those who find comfort in the recollection of God, or are fittest for His love
Chapter V - Of the Christian's debt of love, how great it is
Chapter VI - A brief summary
Chapter VII - Of love toward God not without reward
Chapter VIII - Of the first degree of love, wherein man loves God for self's sake
Chapter IX - Of the second and third degrees of love
Chapter X - Of the fourth degree of love, wherein man does not even love self, save for God's sake
Chapter XI - Of the attainment of this perfection of love only at the resurrection
Chapter XII - Of love: out of a letter to the Carthusians
Chapter XII - Of the law of self-will and desire, of slaves and hirelings
Chapter XIV - Of the law of the love of sons
Chapter XV - Of the four degrees of love, and of the blessed state of the heavenly fatherland