· Old Testament 

The Book of Psalms

  Psalm 98  

98:1 A psalm for David himself. The Lord hath reigned, let the people be angry: he that sitteth on the cherubims: let the earth be moved.

98:1 Psalmus ipsi David Dominus regnavit irascantur populi qui sedet super cherubin moveatur terra

98:2 The Lord is great in Sion, and high above all people.

98:2 Dominus in Sion magnus et excelsus est super omnes populos

98:3 Let them give praise to thy great name: for it is terrible and holy:

98:3 Confiteantur nomini tuo magno quoniam terribile et sanctum est

98:4 and the king's honour loveth judgment. Thou hast prepared directions: thou hast done judgment and justice in Jacob.

98:4 Et honor regis iudicium diligit tu parasti directiones iudicium et iustitiam in Iacob tu fecisti

98:5 Exalt ye the Lord our God, and adore his footstool, for it is holy.

98:5 Exaltate Dominum Deum nostrum et adorate scabillum pedum eius quoniam sanctum est

98:6 Moses and Aaron among his priests: and Samuel among them that call upon his name. They called upon the Lord, and he heard them:

98:6 Moses et Aaron in sacerdotibus eius et Samuhel inter eos qui invocant nomen eius invocabant Dominum et ipse exaudiebat illos

98:7 he spoke to them in the pillar of the cloud. They kept his testimonies, and the commandment which he gave them.

98:7 In columna nubis loquebatur ad eos custodiebant testimonia eius et praeceptum quod dedit illis

98:8 Thou didst hear them, O Lord our God: thou wast a merciful God to them, and taking vengeance on all their inventions.

98:8 Domine Deus noster tu exaudiebas illos Deus tu propitius fuisti eis et ulciscens in omnes adin ventiones eorum

98:9 Exalt ye the Lord our God, and adore at his holy mountain: for the Lord our God is holy.

98:9 Exaltate Dominum Deum nostrum et adorate in monte sancto eius quoniam sanctus Dominus Deus noster