· Old Testament 

The Book of Psalms

  Psalm 7  

7:1 The psalm of David which he sung to the Lord for the words of Chusi the son of Jemini.

7:1 Psalmus David quem cantavit Domino pro verbis Chusi filii Iemini

7:2 O Lord my God, in thee have I put my trust: save me from all them that persecute me, and deliver me.

7:2 Domine Deus meus in te speravi salvum me fac ex omnibus persequentibus me et libera me

7:3 Lest at any time he seize upon my soul like a lion, while there is no one to redeem me, nor to save.

7:3 Nequando rapiat ut leo animam meam dum non est qui redimat neque qui salvum faciat

7:4 O Lord my God, if I have done this thing, if there be iniquity in my hands:

7:4 Domine Deus meus si feci istud si est iniquitas in manibus meis

7:5 If I have rendered to them that repaid me evils, let me deservedly fall empty before my enemies.

7:5 Si reddidi retribuentibus mihi mala decidam merito ab inimicis meis inanis

7:6 Let the enemy pursue my soul, and take it, and tread down my life on the earth, and bring down my glory to the dust.

7:6 Persequatur inimicus animam meam et conprehendat et conculcet in terra vitam meam et gloriam meam in pulverem deducat

7:7 Rise up, O Lord, in thy anger: and be thou exalted in the borders of my enemies. And arise, O Lord my God, in the precept which thou hast commanded:

7:7 Exsurge Domine in ira tua exaltare in finibus inimicorum meorum et exsurge Domine Deus meus in praecepto quod mandasti

7:8 and a congregation of people shall surround thee. And for their sakes return thou on high.

7:8 Et synagoga populorum circumdabit te et propter hanc in altum regredere

7:9 The Lord judgeth the people. Judge me, O Lord, according to my justice, and according to my innocence in me.

7:9 Dominus iudicat populos iudica me Domine secundum iustitiam meam et secundum innocentiam meam super me

7:10 The wickedness of sinners shall be brought to nought: and thou shalt direct the just: the searcher of hearts and reins is God.

7:10 Consummetur nequitia peccatorum et diriges iustum et scrutans corda et renes Deus

7:11 Just is my help from the Lord: who saveth the upright of heart.

7:11 Iustum adiutorium meum a Deo qui salvos facit rectos corde

7:12 God is a just judge, strong and patient: is he angry every day?

7:12 Deus iudex iustus et fortis et patiens numquid irascitur per singulos dies

7:13 Except you will be converted, he will brandish his sword: he hath bent his bow and made it ready.

7:13 Nisi conversi fueritis gladium suum vibrabit arcum suum tetendit et paravit illum

7:14 And in it he hath prepared the instruments of death, he hath made ready his arrows for them that burn.

7:14 Et in eo paravit vasa mortis sagittas suas ardentibus effecit

7:15 Behold he hath been in labour with injustice; he hath conceived sorrow, and brought forth iniquity.

7:15 Ecce parturiit iniustitiamet concepit dolorem et peperit iniquitatem

7:16 He hath opened a pit and dug it; and he is fallen into the hole he made.

7:16 Lacum aperuit et effodit eum et incidet in foveam quam fecit

7:17 His sorrow shall be turned on his own head: and his iniquity shall come down upon his crown.

7:17 Convertetur dolor eius in caput eius et in verticem ipsius iniquitas eius descendet

7:18 I will give glory to the Lord according to his justice: and will sing to the name of the Lord the most high.

7:18 Confitebor Domino secundum iustitiam eius et psallam nomini Domini altissimi