· Old Testament 

The Book of Psalms

  Psalm 66  

66:1 Unto the end, in, hymns, a psalm of a canticle for David.

66:1 In finem in hymnis Psalmus cantici David

66:2 May God have mercy on us, and bless us: may he cause the light of his countenance to shine upon us, and may he have mercy on us.

66:2 Deus misereatur nostri et benedicat nobis inluminet vultum suum super nos et misereatur nostri

66:3 That we may know thy way upon earth: thy salvation in all nations.

66:3 Ut cognoscamus in terra viam tuam in omnibus gentibus salutare tuum

66:4 Let people confess to thee, O God: let all people give praise to thee.

66:4 Confiteantur tibi populi Deus confiteantur tibi populi omnes

66:5 Let the nations be glad and rejoice: for thou judgest the people with justice, and directest the nations upon earth.

66:5 Laetentur et exultent gentes quoniam iudicas populos in aequitate et gentes in terra diriges

66:6 Let the people, O God, confess to thee: let all the people give praise to thee:

66:6 Confiteantur tibi populi Deus confiteantur tibi populi omnes

66:7 the earth hath yielded her fruit. May God, our God bless us,

66:7 Terra dedit fructum suum benedicat nos Deus Deus noster

66:8 may God bless us: and all the ends of the earth fear him.

66:8 Benedicat nos Deus et metuant eum omnes fines terrae