· Old Testament 

The Book of Psalms

  Psalm 59  

59:1 Unto the end, for them that shall be changed, for the inscription of a title, to David himself, for doctrine,

59:1 In finem pro his qui immutabuntur in tituli inscriptionem ipsi David in doctrinam

59:2 when he set fire to Mesopotamia of Syria and Sobal and Joab returned and slew of Edom, in the vale of the saltpits, twelve thousand men.

59:2 Cum succendit Mesopotamiam Syriae et Sobal et convertit Ioab et percussit Idumaeam in valle Salinarum duodecim millia

59:3 O God, thou hast cast us off, and hast destroyed us; thou hast been angry, and hast had mercy on us.

59:3 Deus reppulisti nos et destruxisti nos iratus es et misertus es nobis

59:4 Thou hast moved the earth, and hast troubled it: heal thou the breaches thereof, for it has been moved.

59:4 Commovisti terram et turbasti eam sana contritiones eius quia commota est

59:5 Thou hast shewn thy people hard things; thou hast made us drink wine of sorrow.

59:5 Ostendisti populo tuo dura potasti nos vino conpunctionis

59:6 Thou hast given a warning to them that fear thee: that they may flee from before the bow: That thy beloved may be delivered.

59:6 Dedisti metuentibus te significationem ut fugiant a facie arcus ut liberentur dilecti tui

59:7 Save me with thy right hand, and hear me.

59:7 Salvum fac dextera tua et exaudi me

59:8 God hath spoken in his holy place: I will rejoice, and I will divide Sichem; and will mete out the vale of tabernacles.

59:8 Deus locutus est in sancto suo laetabor et partibor Sicima et convallem tabernaculorum metibor

59:9 Galaad is mine, and Manasses is mine: and Ephraim is the strength of my head. Juda is my king:

59:9 Meus est Galaad et meus est Manasses et Effraim fortitudo capitis mei Iuda rex meus

59:10 Moab is the pot of my hope. Into Edom will I stretch out my shoe: to me the foreigners are made subject.

59:10 Moab olla spei meae in Idumeam extendam calciamentum meum mihi alienigenae subditi sunt

59:11 Who will bring me into the strong city? who will lead me into Edom?

59:11 Quis deducet me in civitatem munitam quis deducet me usque in Idumeam

59:12 Wilt not thou, O God, who hast cast us off? and wilt not thou, O God, go out with our armies?

59:12 Nonne tu Deus qui reppulisti nos et non egredieris Deus in virtutibus nostris

59:13 Give us help from trouble: for vain is the salvation of man.

59:13 Da nobis auxilium de tribulatione et vana salus hominis

59:14 Through God we shall do mightily: and he shall bring to nothing them that afflict us.

59:14 In Deo faciemus virtutem et ipse ad nihilum deducet tribulantes nos