· Old Testament 

The Book of Psalms

  Psalm 55  

55:1 Unto the end, for a people that is removed at a distance from the sanctuary for David, for an inscription of a title (or pillar) when the Philistines held him in Geth.

55:1 In finem pro populo qui a sanctis longe factus est David in tituli inscriptionem cum tenuerunt eum Allophyli in Geth

55:2 Have mercy on me, O God, for man hath trodden me under foot; all the day long he hath afflicted me fighting against me.

55:2 Miserere mei Deus quoniam conculcavit me homo tota die inpugnans tribulavit me

55:3 My enemies have trodden on me all the day long; for they are many that make war against me.

55:3 Conculcaverunt me inimici mei tota die quoniam multi bellantes adversum me

55:4 From the height of the day I shall fear: but I will trust in thee.

55:4 Ab altitudine diei timebo ego vero in te sperabo

55:5 In God I will praise my words, in God I have put my trust: I will not fear what flesh can do against me.

55:5 In Deo laudabo sermones meos in Deo speravi non timebo quid faciat mihi caro

55:6 All the day long they detested my words: all their thoughts were against me unto evil.

55:6 Tota die verba mea execrabantur adversum me omnia consilia eorum in malum

55:7 They will dwell and hide themselves: they will watch my heel. As they have waited for my soul,

55:7 Inhabitabunt et abscondent ipsi calcaneum meum observabunt sicut sustinuerunt animam meam

55:8 for nothing shalt thou save them: in thy anger thou shalt break the people in pieces, O God,

55:8 Pro nihilo salvos facies illos in ira populos confringes Deus

55:9 I have declared to thee my life: thou hast set my tears in thy sight, As also in thy promise.

55:9 Vitam meam adnuntiavi tibi posuisti lacrimas meas in conspectu tuo sicut et in promissione tua

55:10 Then shall my enemies be turned back. In what day soever I shall call upon thee, behold I know thou art my God.

55:10 Tunc convertentur inimici mei retrorsum in quacumque die invocavero te ecce cognovi quoniam Deus meus es

55:11 In God will I praise the word, in the Lord will I praise his speech. In God have I hoped, I will not fear what man can do to me.

55:11 In Deo laudabo verbum in Domino laudabo sermonem In Deo speravi non timebo quid faciat mihi homo

55:12 In me, O God, are vows to thee, which I will pay, praises to thee:

55:12 In me sunt Deus votatua quae reddam laudationes tibi

55:13 Because thou hast delivered my soul from death, my feet from falling: that I may please in the sight of God, in the light of the living.

55:13 Quoniam eripuisti animam meam de morte et pedes meos de lapsu ut placeam coram Deo in lumine viventium