· Old Testament 

The Book of Psalms

  Psalm 52  

52:1 Unto the end, for Maeleth, understandings to David. The fool said in his heart: There is no God.

52:1 In finem pro Maeleth intelligentiae David Dixit insipiens in corde suo non est Deus

52:2 They are corrupted, and become abominable in iniquities: there is none that doth good.

52:2 Corrupti sunt et abominabiles facti sunt in iniquitatibus non est qui faciat bonum

52:3 God looked down from heaven on the children of men: to see if there were any that did understand, or did seek God.

52:3 Deus de caelo prospexit in filios hominum ut videat si est intellegens aut requirens Deum

52:4 All have gone aside, they are become unprofitable together, there is none that doth good; no, not one.

52:4 Omnes declinaverunt simul inutiles facti sunt non est qui faciat bonum non est usque ad unum

52:5 Shall not all the workers of iniquity know, who eat up my people as they eat bread?

52:5 Nonne scient omnes qui operantur iniquitatem qui devorant plebem meam ut cibum panis

52:6 They have not called upon God: there have they trembled for fear, where there was no fear. For God hath scattered the bones of them that please men: they have been confounded, because God hath despised them.

52:6 Deum non invocaverunt illic trepidabunt timore ubi non fuit timor quoniam Deus dissipavit ossa eorum qui hominibus placent confusi sunt quoniam Deus sprevit eos

52:7 Who will give out of Sion the salvation of Israel? when God shall bring back the captivity of his people, Jacob shall rejoice, and Israel shall be glad.

52:7 Quis dabit ex Sion salutare Israhel dum convertit Deus captivitatem plebis suae exultabit Iacob et laetabitur Israhel