· Old Testament 

The Book of Psalms

  Psalm 34  

34:1 For David himself. Judge thou, O Lord, them that wrong me: overthrow them that fight against me.

34:1 Ipsi David Iudica Domine nocentes me expugna expugnantes me

34:2 Take hold of arms and shield: and rise up to help me.

34:2 Adprehende arma et scutum et exsurge in adiutorium mihi

34:3 Bring out the sword, and shut up the way against them that persecute me: say to my soul: I am thy salvation.

34:3 Effunde frameam et conclude adversus eos qui persequuntur me dic animae meae salus tua ego sum

34:4 Let them be confounded and ashamed that seek after my soul. Let them be turned back and be confounded that devise against me.

34:4 Confundantur et revereantur quaerentes animam meam avertantur retrorsum et confundantur cogitantes mihi mala

34:5 Let them become as dust before the wind: and let the angel of the Lord straiten them.

34:5 Fiant tamquam pulvis ante faciem venti et angelus Domini coartans eos

34:6 Let their way become dark and slippery; and let the angel of the Lord pursue them.

34:6 Fiat via illorum tenebrae et lubricum et angelus Domini persequens eos

34:7 For without cause they have hidden their net for me unto destruction: without cause they have upbraided my soul.

34:7 Quoniam gratis absconderunt mihi interitum laquei sui supervacue exprobraverunt animam meam

34:8 Let the snare which he knoweth not come upon him: and let the net which he hath hidden catch him: and let the net which he hath hidden catch him: and into that very snare let them fall.

34:8 Veniat illi laqueus quem ignorat et captio quam abscondit conprehendat eum et in laqueo cadat in ipso

34:9 But my soul shall rejoice in the Lord; and shall be delighted in his salvation.

34:9 Anima autem mea exultabit in Domino delectabitur super salutari suo

34:10 All my bones shall say: Lord, who is like to thee? Who deliverest the poor from the hand of them that are stronger than he; the needy and the poor from them that strip him.

34:10 Omnia ossa mea dicent Domine quis similis tui eripiens inopem de manu fortiorum eius egenum et pauperem a diripientibus eum

34:11 Unjust witnesses rising up have asked me things I knew not.

34:11 Surgentes testes iniqui quae ignorabam interrogabant me

34:12 They repaid me evil for good: to the depriving me of my soul.

34:12 Retribuebant mihi mala pro bonis sterilitatem animae meae

34:13 But as for me, when they were troublesome to me, I was clothed with haircloth. I humbled my soul with fasting; and my prayer shall be turned into my bosom.

34:13 Ego autem cum mihi molesti essent induebar cilicio humiliabam in ieiunio animam meam et oratio mea in sinum meum convertetur

34:14 As a neighbour and as an own brother, so did I please: as one mourning and sorrowful so was I humbled.

34:14 Quasi proximum quasi fratrem nostrum sic conplacebam quasi lugens et contristatus sic humiliabar

34:15 But they rejoiced against me, and came together: scourges were gathered together upon me, and I knew not.

34:15 Et adversum me laetati sunt et convenerunt congregata sunt super me flagella et ignoravi

34:16 They were separated, and repented not: they tempted me, they scoffed at me with scorn: they gnashed upon me with their teeth.

34:16 Dissipati sunt nec conpuncti temptaverunt me subsannaverunt me subsannatione frenduerunt super me dentibus suis

34:17 Lord, when wilt thou look upon me? rescue thou soul from their malice: my only one from the lions.

34:17 Domine quando respicies restitue animam meam a malignitate eorum a leonibus unicam meam

34:18 I will give thanks to thee in a great church; I will praise thee in a strong people.

34:18 Confitebor tibi in ecclesia magna in populo gravi laudabo te

34:19 Let not them that are my enemies wrongfully rejoice over me: who have hated me without cause, and wink with the eyes.

34:19 Non supergaudeant mihi qui adversantur mihi inique qui oderunt me gratis et annuunt oculis

34:20 For they spoke indeed peaceably to me; and speaking in the anger of the earth they devised guile.

34:20 Quoniam mihi quidem pacifice loquebantur et in iracundia terrae loquentes dolos cogitabant

34:21 And they opened their mouth wide against me; they said: Well done, well done, our eyes have seen it.

34:21 Et dilataverunt super me os suum dixerunt euge euge viderunt oculi nostri

34:22 Thou hast seen, O Lord, be not thou silent: O Lord, depart not from me.

34:22 Vidisti Domine ne sileas Domine ne discedas a me

34:23 Arise, and be attentive to my judgment: to my cause, my God, and my Lord.

34:23 Exsurge et intende iudicio meo Deus meus et Dominus meus in causam meam

34:24 Judge me, O Lord my God according to thy justice, and let them not rejoice over me.

34:24 Iudica me secundum iustitiam tuam Domine Deus meus et non supergaudeant mihi

34:25 Let them not say in their hearts: It is well, it is well, to our mind: neither let them say: We have swallowed him up.

34:25 Non dicant in cordibus suis euge euge animae nostrae nec dicant devoravimus eum

34:26 Let them blush: and be ashamed together, who rejoice at my evils. Let them be clothed with confusion and shame, who speak great things against me.

34:26 Erubescant et revereantur simul qui gratulantur malis meis induantur confusione et reverentia qui magna loquuntur super me

34:27 Let them rejoice and be glad, who are well pleased with my justice, and let them say always: The Lord be magnified, who delights in the peace of his servant.

34:27 Exultent et laetentur qui volunt iustitiam meam et dicant semper magnificetur Dominus qui volunt pacem servi eius

34:28 Any my tongue shall meditate thy justice, thy praise all the day long.

34:28 Et lingua mea meditabitur iustitiam tuam tota die laudem tuam