· Old Testament 

The Book of Psalms

  Psalm 28  

28:1 A psalm for David, at the finishing of the tabernacle. Bring to the Lord, O ye children of God: bring to the Lord the offspring of rams.

28:1 Psalmus David in consummatione tabernaculi Adferte Domino filii Dei adferte Domino filios arietum

28:2 Bring to the Lord glory and honour: bring to the Lord glory to his name: adore ye the Lord in his holy court.

28:2 Adferte Domino gloriam et honorem adferte Domino gloriam nomini eius adorate Dominum in atrio sancto eius

28:3 The voice of the Lord is upon the waters; the God of majesty hath thundered, The Lord is upon many waters.

28:3 Vox Domini super aquas Deus maiestatis intonuit Dominus super aquas multas

28:4 The voice of the Lord is in power; the voice of the Lord in magnificence.

28:4 Vox Domini in virtute vox Domini in magnificentia

28:5 The voice of the Lord breaketh the cedars: yea, the Lord shall break the cedars of Libanus.

28:5 Vox Domini confringentis cedros et confringet Dominus cedros Libani

28:6 And shall reduce them to pieces, as a calf of Libanus, and as the beloved son of unicorns.

28:6 Et comminuet eas tamquam vitulum Libani et dilectus quemadmodum filius unicornium

28:7 The voice of the Lord divideth the flame of fire:

28:7 Vox Domini intercidentis flammam ignis

28:8 The voice of the Lord shaketh the desert: and the Lord shall shake the desert of Cades.

28:8 Vox Domini concutientis desertum et commovebit Dominus desertum Cades

28:9 The voice of the Lord prepareth the stags: and he will discover the thick woods: and in his temple all shall speak his glory.

28:9 Vox Domini praeparantis cervos et revelabit condensa et in templo eius omnis dicet gloriam

28:10 The Lord maketh the hood to dwell: and the Lord shall sit king for ever.

28:10 Dominus diluvium inhabitare facit et sedebit Dominus rex in aeternum

28:11 The Lord will give strength to his people: the Lord will bless his people with peace.

28:11 Dominus virtutem populo suo dabit Dominus benedicet populo suo in pace