· Old Testament 

The Book of Psalms

  Psalm 146  

146:1 Praise ye the Lord, because psalm is good: to our God be joyful and comely praise.

146:1 Laudate Dominum quoniam bonum psalmus Deo nostro sit iucunda decoraque laudatio

146:2 The Lord buildeth up Jerusalem: he will gather together the dispersed of Israel.

146:2 Aedificans Hierusalem Dominus dis persiones Israhel congregabit

146:3 Who healeth the broken of heart, and bindeth up their bruises.

146:3 Qui sanat contritos corde et alligat contritiones illorum

146:4 Who telleth the number of the stars: and calleth them all by their names.

146:4 Qui numerat multitudinem stel larum et omnibus eis nomina vocans

146:5 Great is our Lord, and great is his power: and of his wisdom there is no number.

146:5 Magnus Dominus noster et magna virtus eius et sapientiae eius non est numerus

146:6 The Lord lifteth up the meek, and bringeth the wicked down even to the ground.

146:6 Suscipiens mansuetos Dominus humilians autem peccatores usque ad terram

146:7 Sing ye to the Lord with praise: sing to our God upon the harp.

146:7 Praecinite Domino in confessione psallite Deo nostro in cithara

146:8 Who covereth the heaven with clouds, and prepareth rain for the earth. Who maketh grass to grow on the mountains, and herbs for the service of men.

146:8 Qui operit caelum nubibus et parat terrae pluviam qui producit in montibus faenum et herbam servituti hominum

146:9 Who giveth to beasts their food: and to the young ravens that call upon him.

146:9 Et dat iumentis escam ipsorum et pullis corvorum invocantibus eum

146:10 He shall not delight in the strength of the horse: nor take pleasure in the legs of a man.

146:10 Non in fortitudine equi voluntatem habebit nec in tibiis viri beneplacitum erit ei

146:11 The Lord taketh pleasure in them that fear him: and in them that hope in his mercy.

146:11 Beneplacitum est Domino super timentes eum et in eis qui sperant super misericordia eius