· Old Testament 

The Book of Numbers

  Chapter 33  

33:1 These are the mansions of the children of Israel, who went out of Egypt by their troops under the conduct of Moses and Aaron,

33:2 Which Moses wrote down according to the places of their encamping, which they changed by the commandment of the Lord.

33:3 Now the children of Israel departed from Ramesses the first month, on the fifteenth day of the first month, the day after the phase, with a mighty hand, in the sight of all the Egyptians,

33:4 Who were burying their firstborn, whom the Lord had slain (upon their gods also he had executed vengeance,)

33:5 And they camped in Soccoth.

33:6 And from Soccoth they came into Etham, which is in the uttermost borders of the wilderness.

33:7 Departing from thence they came over against Phihahiroth, which looketh towards Beelsephon, and they camped before Magdalum.

33:8 And departing from Phihahiroth, they passed through the midst of the sea into the wilderness: and having marched three days through the desert of Etham, they camped in Mara.

33:9 And departing from Mara, they came into Elim, where there were twelve fountains of waters, and seventy palm trees: and there they camped.

33:10 But departing from thence also, they pitched their tents by the Red Sea. And departing from the Red Sea,

33:11 They camped in the desert of Sin.

33:12 And they removed from thence, and came to Daphca.

33:13 And departing from Daphca, they camped in Alus.

33:14 And departing from Alus, they pitched their tents in Raphidim, where the people wanted water to drink.

33:15 And departing from Raphidim, they camped in the desert of Sinai.

33:16 But departing also from the desert of Sinai, they came to the graves of lust.

33:17 And departing from the graves of lust, they camped in Haseroth.

33:18 And from Haseroth they came to Rethma.

33:19 And departing from Rethma, they camped in Remmomphares.

33:20 And they departed from thence and came to Lebna.

33:21 Removing from Lebna they camped in Ressa.

33:22 And departing from Ressa, they came to Ceelatha.

33:23 And they removed from thence and camped in the mountain Sepher.

33:24 Departing from the mountain Sepher, they came to Arada,

33:25 From thence they went and camped in Maceloth.

33:26 And departing from Maceloth, they came to Thahath.

33:27 Removing from Thahath they camped in Thare.

33:28 And they departed from thence, and pitched their tents in Methca.

33:29 And removing from Methca, they camped in Hesmona.

33:30 And departing from Hesmona, they came to Moseroth.

33:31 And removing from Moseroth, they camped in Benejaacan.

33:32 And departing from Benejaacan, they came to mount Gadgad.

33:33 From thence they went and camped in Jetebatha.

33:34 And from Jetebatha they came to Hebrona.

33:35 And departing from Hebrona, they camped in Asiongaber.

33:36 They removed from thence and came into the desert of Sin, which is Cades.

33:37 And departing from Cades, they camped in mount Hor, in the uttermost borders of the land of Edom.

33:38 And Aaron the priest went up into mount Hor at the commandment of the Lord: and there he died in the fortieth year of the coming forth of the children of Israel out of Egypt, the fifth month, the first day of the month,

33:39 When he was a hundred and twenty-three years old.

33:40 And king Arad the Chanaanite, who dwelt towards the south, heard that the children of Israel were come to the land of Chanaan.

33:41 And they departed from mount Hor, and camped in Salmona.

33:42 From whence they removed and came to Phunon.

33:43 And departing from Phunon, they camped in Oboth.

33:44 And from Oboth they came to Ijeabarim, which is in the borders of the Moabites.

33:45 And departing from Ijeabarim they pitched their tents in Dibongab.

33:46 From thence they went and camped in Helmondeblathaim.

33:47 And departing from Helmondeblathaim, they came to the mountains of Abarim over against Nabo.

33:48 And departing from the mountains of Abarim, they passed to the plains of Moab, by the Jordan, over against Jericho.

33:49 And there they camped from Bethsimoth even to Ablesatim in the plains of the Moabites,

33:50 Where the Lord said to Moses:

33:51 Command the children of Israel, and say to them: When you shall have passed over the Jordan, entering into the land of Chanaan,

33:52 Destroy all the inhabitants of that land: Beat down their pillars, and break in pieces their statues, and waste all their high places,

33:53 Cleansing the land, and dwelling in it. For I have given it you for a possession.

33:54 And you shall divide it among you by lot. To the more you shall give a larger part, and to the fewer a lesser. To every one as the lot shall fall, so shall the inheritance be given. The possession shall be divided by the tribes and the families.

33:55 But if you will not kill the inhabitants of the land: they that remain, shall be unto you as nails in your eyes, and spears in your sides, and they shall be your adversaries in the land of your habitation.

33:56 And whatsoever I had thought to do to them, I will do to you.