· Old Testament 


  Chapter 11  

11:1 The wisdom of the humble shall exalt his head, and shall make him sit in the midst of great men.

11:2 Praise not a man for his beauty, neither despise a man for his look.

11:3 The bee is small among flying things but her fruit hath the chiefest sweetness.

11:4 Glory not in apparel at any time, and be not exalted in the day of thy honour: for the works of the Highest only are wonderful, and his works are glorious, and secret, and hidden.

11:5 Many tyrants have sat on the throne, and he whom no man would think on, hath worn the crown.

11:6 Many mighty men have been greatly brought down, and the glorious have been delivered into the hand of others.

11:7 Before thou inquire, blame no man: and when thou hast inquired, reprove justly.

11:8 Before thou hear, answer not a word: and interrupt not others in the midst of their discourse.

11:9 Strive not in a matter which doth not concern thee, and sit not in judgment with sinners.

11:10 My son, meddle not with many matters: and if thou be rich, thou shalt not be free from sin: for if thou pursue after thou shalt not overtake; and if thou run before thou shalt not escape.

11:11 There is an ungodly man that laboureth, and maketh haste, and is in sorrow, and is so much the more in want.

11:12 Again, there is an inactive man that wanteth help, is very weak in ability, and full of poverty:

11:13 Yet the eye of God hath looked upon him for good, and hath lifted him up from his low estate, and hath exalted his head: and many have wondered at him, and have glorified God.

11:14 Good things and evil, life and death, poverty and riches, are from God.

11:15 Wisdom and discipline, and the knowledge of the law are with God. Love and the ways of good things are with him.

11:16 Error and darkness are created with sinners: and they that glory in evil things, grow old in evil.

11:17 The gift of God abideth with the just, and his advancement shall have success for ever.

11:18 There is one that is enriched by living sparingly, and this is the portion of his reward.

11:19 In that he saith: I have found me rest, and now I will eat of my goods alone:

11:20 And he knoweth not what time shall pass, and that death approacheth, and that he must leave all to others, and shall die.

11:21 Be steadfast in thy covenant, and be conversant therein, and grow old in the work of thy commandments.

11:22 Abide not in the works of sinners. But trust in God, and stay in thy place,

11:23 For it is easy in the eyes of God on a sudden to make the poor man rich.

11:24 The blessing of God maketh haste to reward the just, and in a swift hour his blessing beareth fruit.

11:25 Say not: What need I, and what good shall I have by this?

11:26 Say not: I am sufficient for myself: and what shall I be made worse by this?

11:27 In the day of good things be not unmindful of evils: and in the day of evils be not unmindful of good things:

11:28 For it is easy before God in the day of death to reward every one according to his ways.

11:29 The affliction of an hour maketh one forget great delights, and in the end of a man is the disclosing of his works.

11:30 Praise not any man before death, for a man is known by his children.

11:31 Bring not every man into thy house: for many are the snares of the deceitful.

11:32 For as corrupted bowels send forth stinking breath, and as the partridge is brought into the cage, and as the roe into the snare: so also is the heart of the proud, and as a spy that looketh on the fall of his neighbour.

11:33 For he lieth in wait and turneth good into evil, and on the elect he will lay a blot.

11:34 Of one spark cometh a great fire, and of one deceitful man much blood: and a sinful man lieth in wait for blood.

11:35 Take heed to thyself of a mischievous man, for he worketh evils: lest he bring upon thee reproach for ever.

11:36 Receive a stranger in, and he shall overthrow thee with a whirlwind, and shall turn thee out of thy own.