· New Testament 

   The Second Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians
Chapter-1 ... Speaks of the constancy and sincerity of his doctrine.
Chapter-2 ... Grants pardon to the incestuous man upon his penance.
Chapter-3 ... Speaks to the glory of the ministry of the New Testament.
Chapter-4 ... The sincerity of his preaching, and comfort in his afflictions.
Chapter-5 ... Speaks of willingness to leave earthly things to be with the Lord.
Chapter-6 ... Speaks on God's grace, and not to associate with unbelievers.
Chapter-7 ... His affection for them, and comfort and joy on their account.
Chapter-8 ... Exhorts their contributations for the poor of Jerusalem.
Chapter-9 ... Speaks further regarding almsgiving and the fruit of it.
Chapter-10 ... Warning against the calumny and boasting of false apostles.
Chapter-11 ... Further warnings regarding the activity of false apostles.
Chapter-12 ... Speaks of his raptures and revelations, and fear for them.
Chapter-13 ... Threatens the impenitent, to provoke them to penance.