Encyclopedia Articles (Pertaining to Scripture)

    ··· Compositions by Biblical personages and relations.
Authorized Version
    ··· Also known as the King James Version
Bible Chronology
    ··· Regarding the dating of events in the Bible
Bible Editions
    ··· Printed reproductions of the Bible's original texts.
Bible Genealogy
    ··· An understanding of genealogies in the Bible
Bible Manuscripts
    ··· Hand written copies of Sacred Scripture
Bible Versions
    ··· The origin and source of various Bible versions.
Biblical Commentaries
    ··· An introduction to commentaries on the Bible
Biblical Introduction
    ··· Topics preliminary to the study of Scripture
Canon New Testament
    ··· Books included in the New Testament
Canon Old Testament
    ··· Books included in the Old Testament
Codex Alexandrinus
    ··· Greek manuscript of Old and New Testaments
Codex Amiatinus
    ··· Celebrated manuscript of the Latin Vulgate Bible
Codex Bezae
    ··· Important Greek New Testament manuscript
Codex Sinaiticus
    ··· Greek manuscript of Old and New Testaments
Codex Vaticanus
    ··· Most important Greek manuscript of Holy Scripture
    ··· Thirteenth century critical emendation of the Vulgate
Criticism (Higher)
    ··· Dealing with the larger aspects of Bible study
Criticism (Lower)
    ··· Restoring as near as is possible the original works
Douay Rheims
    ··· English translation of the Holy Bible.
    ··· Liturgical books containing portions of the Gospels.
    ··· Expressing the true sense of Sacred Scripture.
Gospel and Gospels
    ··· A general article on the word Gospel and the Gospels
Hebrew Bible
    ··· Information about the Hebrew Bible
Illuminated Manuscripts
    ··· With painted "eluminures", illuminations, or miniatures.
    ··· Regarding the Inspiration of Sacred Scripture.
    ··· Collections of books accumulated and accessible
    ··· Hand written on flexible material
    ··· The textual tradition of Hebrew Bible.
New Testament
    ··· Information about the New Testament.
Old Testament
    ··· Information about the Old Testament.
    ··· The name of the first five books of the Old Testament.
Polyglot Bible
    ··· Information regarding the Polyglot Bibles
    ··· Inspired writings of the Old and New Testaments.
    ··· Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Testament.
    ··· Name given to the first three canonical Gospels.
The Bible
    ··· Writings the Church regards as inspired.
    ··· Regarding the critical revision of the Latin Bible.